Leaving the Stadium


We have it on good authority that “A U.S. Senate runoff that was supposed to provide an easy Republican win has turned into an unexpectedly competitive contest …” I assume the Republican candidate will still win. But the race is expected to be competitive, in part because the Republican choice is an idiot.

And then there is this:

Democrats got their wave in part because a significant portion of male and female white working class voters abandoned Mr. Trump and his Republican allies.

In 2016, the white working class men that Mr. Trump spoke most forcefully to as the “forgotten Americans” gave him 71 percent of their votes and gave only 23 percent to Hillary Clinton. This year, the Republicans won their votes with a still-impressive margin of 66 to 32 percent. But what was essentially a three-to-one margin was deflated to two-to-one, which affected a lot of races.

Now, everyone knows that, when you have lost your life savings betting on the horses, the reason for your calamity is that you did not bet enough money. And, clearly, the solution is to take out a mortgage on your house so that you can bet some more.

Armed with this insight, I’m sure that Trump knows exactly what to do: thus, his forthcoming rallies in Tupelo and Biloxi will be the white victimhood pity parties to end all pity parties. Exaltation of idiocy will reach new heights. The lies will be as numerous as the sands of Biloxi’s beautiful beach.

His remaining fans–and there are lots of them–will be rapturous.

And I will cherish each and every moment.