Uriah Heep

Will Trump Dump Sycophant-in-Chief Mike Pence?

Trump privately asking aides if Pence is loyal: report

Why is Trump Freaking Out About Pence?

The latter article asks, among other things, whether

Trump is worried about whether he’ll survive whatever is coming from Robert Mueller and wants to know if Pence might be inclined to give him a quick shove out the door if the opportunity presents itself. It would not shock me, actually, if there is a pro-pence cabal forming in the aftermath of the midterm elections, so this is perhaps not that far-fetched.

And if you have any doubt whether there is any fire producing this smoke, this will infallibly answer the question: Trump, Pence Dismiss NYT Report That Trump Questions Pence’s Loyalty.

I think we have all figured out by now that Trump and Pence do not randomly lie, sometimes,  and tell the truth, sometimes. No, they pretty much lie all the time. Which makes things simpler. If they took the trouble affirmatively to deny the story, then it must be true.

Significantly, however, they lie in different ways. Trump lies like the drunken kook on the stool down at the end of the bar, with whom it’s impossible to have anything remotely resembling a rational conversation.

Pence lies like Uriah Heep—with insincerity, cloying humility, obsequiousness, and sycophancy. Pious Pence looks you straight in the eyes and lies with the straightest of straight faces.

But Trump knows this. And Trump knows that he is that most laughable of laughing stocks, the paranoid who actually has enemies. Trump doesn’t buy Pence’s act. Not even for a New York minute.

Que Probablemente Sera

It’s likely—not certain but, at this point, likely—that Trump will be hit with serious criminal charges. That will have lots of effects, one of which will be a further deterioration in Trump’s already fragile mental state, likely to the point that even the numerous Baghdad Bobs who surround Trump will have a really hard time pretending things are normal.

At that point, the more sentient among the Republican professional class will grasp that they can go down with the ship. Or not.

After that, events are likely to take one of two courses. One is a prolonged national agony—and a further split in the Republican base. In California the Republican Party has been wiped out. (RIP, California GOP.) A drawn out fight would bring about much the same thing in lots of other places.

The other possibility is successful action to take Trump out of the picture, and that right quickly. To accomplish that, the “evangelical leaders” would have to join the conspiracy, with a well laid plan to persuade their gullible followers that God has now chosen Mike Pence as their earthly savior.

As a former antitrust lawyer, I know much about conspiracies. One thing I know—and you won’t be surprised to learn it—is that your chances of success are greatly enhanced if not too many people know about the plot.

I think Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence, Jerry Falwell, Jr, and a few others among the publicly pious would be enough to do the job.

The pundit I quoted above allowed as how he would not be shocked to learn that the cabal has already been formed.

I, myself, would be shocked to learn that the conspiracy is not already in its initial planning stages.