The Skin of Our Teeth

skin of our teeth

I try to be as ruthlessly objective as is humanly possible, for me. (The extent to which I succeed or fail in that endeavor, others will have to judge.) Being so minded, the biggest thing I see in the big picture is the astonishing number of our fellow citizens who have embraced willful ignorance and credulity, to go along with their preexisting conditions, racism and misogyny.

This morning, we learn from a political philosopher at Yale that credulity and tribalism pose a mortal threat to democracy. But you probably already knew that.

Yesterday I posted on the Republication decimation in the suburbs. The bad news is, even in the suburbs full of well-educated people, lots of the races were really close. But the good news is that we whipped their butts. Thanks, in large measure, to the women. Thank you, women.

This morning Axios shows us The districts with college-educated women that voted Republicans out:

uppity women

They elaborate thusly:

Here’s a big part of the reason House Republicans lost the suburbs in the midterms: They were thrown out in 16 districts where at least 40% of the women have college degrees.

Why it matters: It means the gender gap and the education gap are combining into a huge demographic problem for Republicans. Per lobbyist Bruce Mehlman, who highlighted the shift in his slide deck on the midterms: “The new geography of Trump Era partisanship is turning suburban congressional districts into GOP killing fields, more than offsetting gerrymander gains by mobilizing intense opposition among college educated women, the beating heart of the suburbs.”

Meanwhile, much as I abhor the Federalist Society and all its machinations, I have been expecting them to turn on their orange haired benefactor, and there are signs that this is happening. Check out Checks and Balances: Conservative and libertarian lawyers are joining together to speak out in defense of constitutional governance, traditional legal norms, and the rule of law. In the same vein, some are drawing solace from yesterday’s Mueller victory in a case heard by a Trump-appointed judge.

The Next Step in the Chess Game?

Think hard, ladies and germs. Think hard.

Got it?

Trump wakes up and smells the coffee, and wraps his mind around the fact that the Federalist Society has skedaddled off the Trump Train.

So he stops appointing Federalist Society judges!

Think I’m just an irrational wild-eyed optimist?

Wait till it happens.

The Skin of our Teeth

And thanks again to the uppity women!

We are all winning by the skin of our teeth, but we are winning.