The Republicans Have Lost Orange County

Orange Co map

We septuagenarians remember when Arizona was represented by a senator with a conscience, when Ronald Reagan was governor of California, and when Orange County was the incubator of the John Birch Society.

But on Tuesday Dana Rohrbacher (R-Putin) bit the dust in the 48th district. The 45th was called yesterday for the Democrat, Katie Porter. The Democratic candidates won in the 46th, 47th, and 49th districts. And the Democrat is closing the narrow gap that remains in the 39th district.

Before the election the Guardian asked, ‘There is no more Republican party’: will California’s Orange county swing Democratic? The answer was, yes, it would.

Trump has done a wonderful job of expelling—and royally pissing off—the more intelligent traditional Republicans, who have chosen not to join the Cult of Trump. They are a minority of his minority party, but they are strategically located.

I think—though of course I can’t prove—that the nail in the coffin for Orange County suburban voters was watching, night after night, as Trump spewed delusional bullshit in front of rabid mobs. Time to get out of the clown car, they decided.

Now, we are told, Trump is going down to Mississippi to hold a rally in support of Senator Front-Row-at-the-Public-Hanging. Trump has drawn the obvious conclusion from last week: that his plan to rely on hatred, fear, ignorance, and delusional horseshit was a perfectly good plan, but he just didn’t do it with quite enough stridency.

I expect that the Mississippi rally will be a sight to see.