Something is Rotten in the State of Alabama


Alabama flag

Well, a lot, actually. But a very good friend alerts us to one thing in particular:

Election reignites calls for change at Alabama Democratic Party:

MONTGOMERY — Alabama Democrats’ disappointing performance in Tuesday’s election has reignited calls for changes within the state party, with critics saying candidates were largely left to fend for themselves despite available party funds.

Democratic candidates were generally held to about 40 percent of the vote in statewide races, crushing hopes that the party could build on last year’s election of U.S. Sen. Doug Jones, or at least demonstrate themselves as viable with competitive races.

The losses rekindled long simmering tensions, with several 2018 candidates calling for new leadership or at least a new approach.

One victim of poor Alabama Democratic Party performance explained the situation using a metaphor that Alabamans are likely to understand:

“When you have a losing season and a losing season and a losing season, the coach goes,” said former Alabama Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb, who ran in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. Cobb earlier this year called for the resignations of Alabama Democratic Party Chair Nancy Worley and Vice-Chairman Joe Reed.