What Pocahontas Needs to Do


I feel some sense of comradery with Elizabeth Warren. I have two Cherokee great-great-great-grandparents, and some genetic testing has shown a small percentage of Native American ancestry.

Unlike her, though, I have never contributed a recipe to a Native American cookbook undere the name of “Arius Aardvark, Cherokee.” Nor did the law school where I was once an adjunct professor describe me as a person of color. In my case, any claim to minority status has not gone beyond the casual joking stage.

So I can see why there is some difficulty in coming to terms with all this:

Media Congratulates Trump for Spreading Lie About Elizabeth Warren

Canned crab? Elizabeth Warren is unfit to lead

The Elizabeth Warren Fiasco

My own view, in case you happen to be interested, is that we are all sinners and that Elizabeth’s Warren’s sins are venal, whereas the Trumpster has many mortal sins to account for. (See, e.g., journalist/bone saw.)

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. A clever politician would find a way to make this lemon into lemonade. Let’s see how clever a politician Elizabeth Warren is.