Deconstructing Journalists with Bone Saws

bone saw

It has been suggested that I should offer some comment on the recent events at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, and on Trump’s reaction to same.

Trump long ago said that Putin’s killing of journalists evidences “strength.”

He has called journalists “enemies of the people” so often that his repetitious vituperation has become tiresome, even to regular viewers of Fox News.

It was entirely logical for the Crown Prince to deduce that Trump would have no objection to the Prince’s minions’ hacking apart a pesky journalist and stuffing his body parts into briefcases.

And, thus far, the weight of the evidence indicates that Trump does not object to reportercide, at least where the butchers are his good customers.

So my comment is that if you are one who believes that reporters are best hacked apart and served up for dinner, then you had best stay with Trump.

If not, now would be an opportune time to follow Nikki Haley’s example and leave the Trump Train at the very next stop.