A Colony of Bees Swarming Together in a Suicidal Cloud, Awaiting Extinction in a Blaze of Venom

dead bees

Professor Tom Nichols of the Naval War College resigns from the Republican Party. After saying a number of vicious and ill-advised things about progressives, he turns to his former party:

But whatever my concerns about liberals, the true authoritarian muscle is now being flexed by the GOP, in a kind of buzzy, steroidal McCarthyism that lacks even anti-communism as a central organizing principle. The Republican Party, which controls all three branches of government and yet is addicted to whining about its own victimhood, is now the party of situational ethics and moral relativism in the name of winning at all costs.

So, I’m out. The Trumpers and the hucksters and the consultants and the hangers-on, like a colony of bees who exist only to sting and die, have swarmed together in a dangerous but suicidal cloud, and when that mindless hive finally extinguishes itself in a blaze of venom, there will be nothing left.