Further Down the Rabbit Hole

rabbit hole

Good morning. And good afternoon to today’s readers in France and Croatia. It is Thursday, October 4. Here is where se seem to be today.

Winning by Losing

As far as one can tell today, each side might win politically by losing on the Kavanaugh vote.

That’s because a narrow Republican loss could stoke the anger and resentment among the yahoos, while a narrow Republican victory might dampen it down.

A Risky Game?

The Democrats would all prefer a narrow win on Kavanaugh, and just let the political chips fall where they may.

But it’s possible that Mitch McConnell is playing a double game, setting his side up for a narrow loss. That would be risky in multiple ways. But it could be the case.

Droit de Seigneur as a Bedrock Republican Principle

In any event, the Republicans are pretty blatant about the claim that a woman with a story of sexual abuse must never be believed, lest a man be unjustly accused and suffer adverse consequence

At least, you can never believe the woman unless there were multiple eyewitnesses who support the woman’s story.

To protect your sons, never let your daughters tell what happened to them. If they tell anyway, cheerfully watch as their lives are destroyed. Because, at all costs, you have got to protect your sons from hypothetical false charges.

It does not take the superlative legal genius of a jurisprude such as Brett Kavanaugh to discern the consequences of this position.

It means that men are immune from the consequences of rape and other abuse so long as no one else is there to see it.