Yale Women Speak

Open Letter from Women of Yale in Support of Deborah Ramirez:

As women of Yale, some of whom are ourselves survivors of sexual assault, we stand behind Deborah Ramirez, Yale ’87, and with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. These two women have come forward with grave allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, a Yale graduate. We are coming forward as women of Yale because we have a shared experience of the environment that shaped not only Judge Kavanaugh’s life and career, but our own. We are committed to supporting all women who have faced sexual assault, not only at Yale, but across the country.

Ramirez has made allegations against Judge Kavanaugh about an incident that took place when both were students at Yale. We commend her courage in coming forward. We ask that she be afforded respect and security to protect her privacy, quality of life, and emotional stability.

We demand that her allegations be thoroughly investigated and that she be treated with fairness, and given an opportunity to tell her story. We also demand that the Senate Judiciary Committee delay any vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the United States Supreme Court until all allegations against him have been investigated, all witnesses have testified under oath, and his nomination has been thoroughly vetted.


As of Monday September 24 at 10 a.m., over 600 Yale women have signed this letter. Their names are below. Names will continue to be added as they come in. Women of Yale who want to sign can find the letter here.

Christina Baker Kline, Timothy Dwight, ‘86

Kate Manning, Trumbull ‘79

Rebecca Steinitz, Silliman ‘86

Shoshana Marchand, Berkeley College, Yale University, 1985

Jennifer Taub, Saybrook ‘89

Katherine Schultz, Trumbull ‘77

Jo Miller, Morse ‘88

Sarah Swersey, School of Music ‘89

Elizabeth L Carlson, Branford ‘94

Ayshe Ana Beese, TD ‘02

Nanc, Edwards, Trumbull ‘88

Sarah Kirshner, Timothy Dwight 83

Paige Smith, Jonathan Edwards ‘88

Ellen Tattelman, Trumbull, ‘77

Jenny Hansell, Morse ‘86

Lynn Bronson, Morse ‘88

Noël Plummer, Davenport ‘88

Lorraine Markus DiRienzo, Branford ‘88

Michele Hernandez, Ezra Stiles ‘88

Leslie Meral Schick, Silliman ‘84

Renee Schwalberg, Ezra Stiles 87

Rebecca (Schrag) Hershberg, Silliman, ‘98

Emma Janger, Trumbull ‘15

Kristin Martin Stone, Saybrook ‘94

Lisanne Sartor, Yale/Berkley, ‘88

Monica Nordhaus, Hopper 91

Victoria Hall-Palerm, Berkeley College ‘15

Jill Simandl, TD ‘96

Jacqueline D Griffiths, Morse ‘86

Michelle Hartz-Coutts, Pierson 1985

Haley Adams, Yale College ‘16

Ki-Wing Merlin, Morse ‘95

Kate Oberlies O’Leary, Grace Hopper ’85, Yale Law School ‘88

Lucille Petringa, Davenport, 1988

Karen Nelson, Trumbull ’78, Yale College

Annette Holloway, Saybrook ‘80

Rachel Miller, Davenport ‘15

Julia Hunt Bogardus, Branford ‘85

Elizabeth Massie, Yale ‘86

Tara Welch Smith, DC ‘98

Kelly McMahon, Timothy Dwight ‘85

Anne Wilson, Davenport ‘88

Rachel Countryman, Jonathan Edwards ‘86

Anastasia Cummins, Calhoun College ‘15,

Madeleine Vahey, Yale College, Ezra Stiles 15

Eva Ostrum, Davenport ‘86

Anne Burt, Hopper, ‘89

Gabrielle Hoyt, Branford ‘15

Eve Weinbaum, Silliman College BA 1985, Yale PhD in Political Science 1996

Amanda Pratt Siegel, Saybrook ‘85

Debra Spark, 1984

Hilary Callahan, Morse ‘85

Lizzie Rosenthal, Saybrook ‘98

Carol Mostow, Jonathan Edwards ‘77

Ann Mackey, Hopper College (fka Calhoun) ‘85

Kelsey Miller, Silliman ‘16

Christianne Tisdale, Branford ‘85

Erin Mullins, Jonathan Edwards, ‘15

Polly Shulman, Morse ‘84

Sarah Gillman, Timothy Dwight ‘86

Deborah Miles Czech, Davenport ‘86

Mae Hsieh, Pierson ‘88

Anne Kuzminsky, Timothy Dwight ‘85

sarah burnes, Trumbull, ‘89

Catherine Chiocchi, Morse College, 2015

Karen Droga Campe, Davenport ‘88

Cheryl Rogers, YC, Trumbull, 1979

Julie Dobrow Rossi, Saybrook ‘94

Nina Schulman, Berkeley ‘85

Yuet Chu, TD ‘87

Elizabeth Gleick, Berkeley ‘85

Heather Gold, Silliman ‘90

Kathryn A. Blume, Timothy Dwight ‘90

Christina K. Newlin, Silliman ‘88

Pamela Erens, Davenport/Yale College ‘85

Diana Hamlet-Cox, Calhoun ‘75

Sarah Atkins, Saybrook ‘14

Elizabeth Juviler, Berkeley ‘89

Elizabeth Hutchinson, Branford ‘88

Lise Ann Pearlman, Davenport ‘71

Julie Heller, Yale college Pierson ‘88

Elizabeth Jones, Trumbull ‘96

Janet Goodman,Branford ‘85

Eve Vogel, Davenport ‘87

Elaine Griffin, Saybrook ‘86

Sara Romeyn, Timothy Dwight, ‘91

Helen Hayes, BK 85

Pam Thompson, Morse, ‘87

Gwen Baggs Ito, Berkeley ‘85

Joyce Xi, Ezra Stiles ‘16

Romary Santana, Timothy Dwight 2015

Jessica Sweeney-Platt, TD ‘91

Lauren McNeel, Timothy Dwight ‘18

Bryony Romer, Morse ‘90

Heather L Ouellette (Harvey), Jonathan Edwards ‘85

Abigail Gillman, Silliman ‘86

Monica Eppinger, Trumbull ’88, Yale Law School ‘06

Catherine A. Alfandre, Trumbull College ‘88

Stephanie Gold, Timothy Dwight ‘90

Rebekah Heiser Hanley, TD ‘96

Bettina Elias Siegel, Pierson ‘87

Leslie Bockol, TD ‘92

Rachel Timoner, Pierson ‘91

Liz Jones, Branford ‘15

Katherine Profeta, Berkeley ‘90

Katharine O’Connell Mora, Jonathan Edwards ‘96

Elizabeth Kelley, Morse ‘85

Karyn Voldstad, TD 79

Robin Nass Schachter, Pierson ‘84

Daphne Butler, Pierson ’87, Yale Law School ‘91

Beth Young, Grace Hopper ‘89

Allison Mandeville, JE ‘15

Julie Fulton, JE ’81 YSD ‘84

Anne Hawke, TImothy Dwight ‘88

Katherine Gressel, Jonathan Edwards ‘03

Sonya Posmentier, Saybrook 1997

Christine Baeumler, Davenport. Yale College 1985

Yael Ben Tov, Timothy Dwight ‘15

Shelley Axmaker Arenson, Saybrook ‘86

Iva Velickovic, Branford ’14, Law School ‘19

Lisa McNiff, Pierson ‘86

Laurel Durning-Hammond, Pierson College ‘14

Maia Ettinger, Morse ‘83

Alexis Krasilovsky, Berkeley ‘71

Jennifer H. Allen, Berkeley ’85, YFES ‘88

Tracy Benedict, Saybrook ‘88

Valerie Norton, Pierson ‘87

Carolyn Farnham, Timothy Dwight ‘13

Stephanie Frank Singer, Hopper College ‘85

Elizabeth Emanuel, Ezra Stiles ‘17

Amy Koenig, Trumbull ‘09

Katherine Schneebaum, Pierson ‘89

Lisa Karen Gornick, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, 1988

Anna Christina Büchmann, Berkeley ‘84

Leslie Marden Ragsdale, Yale Law School ‘90

Kyra Morris, Berkeley ‘15

Laura Strausfeld, Jonathan Edwards ‘86

Jennifer Barrett, Trumbull 89

Janey Hou, Calhoun ‘88

Cristina Himes, Morse ‘90

Sofia Milonas, Davenport ‘89

Karen DuBois-Walton, Ezra Stiles 1989

Claire Messud, Jonathan Edwards ‘87

Elizabeth Sellers, Davenport ´88

Allison Eden Karn, Ezra Stiles ’90 & Yale School of Architecture ‘95

Juliet deButts, Saybrook ‘14

Alyssa knapp, Saybrook ‘18

Abby Jo Sigal, Ezra Stiles, ‘91

Christina R. Giannelli, Trumbull ‘82

Joyce Carolyn Toth, Timothy Dwight, ‘84

Kate Kressmann-Kehoe, Silliman 1984

Sarah Young, Davenport ‘20

Toby Marxuach-Gusciora, NYU 1975, 1980 MA

Virginia Kuppek, Saybrook ‘88

Jessica Gordon, Yale Law School ‘09

Erica Westerman, Jonathan Edwards ’03, Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences ‘12

Alison Smith Lord, Davenport ‘89

Juli Davis Harkins, Davenport ‘89

Elizabeth Kaplan, Calhoun (Hopper) ’87, Yale Law School ‘89

Tara Susman-Pena, Morse 90

Julie Singer Chernoff, Trumbull ‘84

Amanda Barhite Carter, Ezra Stiles ‘86

Lucia Tang, Ezra Stiles ‘13

Esther Kaplan, Morse ‘87

Katherine Dee, Silliman ‘89

Marisa Harford, Jonathan Edwards ‘01

Amy Solas, School of Management ‘89

Kim Clayton Hershman, Berkeley ‘’88, YLS ‘92

Tenney Walsh, Pierson ‘85

Catherine Kenney, Berkeley ‘88

Nicole A. Larsen, GSAS 2016

Jacqueline Caplan-Auerbach, Trumbull, ‘89

Irene Lu, Berkeley ‘88

Erin Marcus, Yale College ‘85

Susan Punnett, Berkeley 78

Wendy Kohn, Calhoun ‘86

Cathy Edwards, Morse ‘87

Nina Belfor, Ezra Stiles ‘83

Aiyana Bobrownicki, Branford ‘13

Diana Dengo, Ezra Stiles ‘06

Juli Blumenthal, Morse ‘86

Katherine Lumb, Jonathan Edwards ‘89

Rachel Dretzin, Berkeley College ‘87

Lynn Hepburn, Davenport ’95 — Yale College

Supria Sarma, Calhoun/Hopper ‘89

Elizabeth Baldwin, Pierson ‘89

Sarah Miller, Pierson ‘03

Allison Rowland, Ezra Stiles ‘88

Sarah DiMagno, Morse ‘18

Megan Van Sant, Timothy Dwight, 1996

Marian Vaillant Wrobel, Berkeley ‘86

Susan Kelly Alksnis, Davenport 85

Sarah Hundley Garcia, Morse College/Yale University 1987

Rachel Cantor, Berkeley ‘82

Rachel Goldstein, Jonathan Edwards, ‘92

Julie Klein, Silliman ‘87

Betsy Tao, Berkeley ‘98

Rachel elizondo wallace, Branford 03

Anna Lipin, Ezra Stiles ‘18

Dr. Marian Dolan, YSM ’88, ’89, ‘94

Monica Russel y Rodriguez, TD ‘88

Ravenna Michalsen, Trumbull College ’01, Anthropology ‘04

Rachel Toor, Branford ‘84

Karin Schutjer, Silliman ‘87

Marjorie Berman, Calhoun ‘13

Cassie Tarleton, Trumbull ‘16

Rev. Nada B. Sellers, Calhoun ‘86

Ari Laura Kreith, Branford ‘89

Bettina (Shapiro) Cisneros, Saybrook ’86, Yale

Stefani Kuo, Pierson ‘17

Lori Ogden Moore, SOM ‘86

Stephanie Cheng, Grace Hopper ‘15

Elizabeth (Lisa) Neary, Pierson ‘87

Catherine Teare, Ezra Stiles ‘88

Betsy Graves Rose, Silliman ‘85

Haiyen Truong, Hopper College, ‘15

Melissa DePetris, Morse ‘01

Erika Penzer Kerekes, Silliman ‘88

Susan Yassky, Davenport ‘17

Catherine Nickerson, Morse, ’83; PhD American Studies, 1991

Sarah Elizabeth Ricks, Yale Law School 1990

Michele Reimer, Trumbull ‘77

Leslie Harper Blatteau, Grace Hopper ’97, School of Graduate Studies ‘07

Manette Pottle, Hopper ‘88

Amy Kantrowitz, Morse ‘90

Katharine Taylor Mighty, Pierson ‘15

Hilary Appelman, Davenport ‘86

Jill Trei, MPH ‘04

Cara Worthington Fekula Hyson, Berkeley ‘77

Nina Miller, Branford ‘89

Elizabeth Hopkins Stevens, Davenport ‘92

Marina Cisneros, Saybrook ‘20

Helen Kwah, Calhoun ‘88

Catharine Slusar, Morse ‘87

Eva Heinzen, Trumbull ‘04

Leslie Koch, Trumbull 84 SOM 89

Gretchen Biggs, Saybrook College ‘85

Diana S. Downing, Br anford College ‘86

Karen Kantor, Berkeley ‘85

Michele Roberts, Saybrook ’76, PhD ‘82

Gina Marie Pitti, Trumbull ‘94

Emma Montoya Hills,

Trumbull ‘14

Annette Clear, Trumbull ‘88

Jacqueline Yerby, Saybrook ‘89

Kathryn Oberdeck, Yale Graduate School, ‘91

Martha Toll, Trumbull 1979

Amie Williams, Davenport ‘85

Katie Greenebaum, Silliman ‘85

Karen Roth Ezra, JE ‘85

Shari B. ELLIS, Trumbull ‘92

Janet Nahirny, Ezra Stiles ‘88

Rhoda Woo, Berkeley ‘81

Eliot Nolen, Jonathan Edwards ‘84

Rebecca Lish, Jonathan Edwards ‘81

Susan Nicklaus Iuliano, Berkeley ‘82

Sharon Melnick, Berkeley 88

Deirdre Dwyer Boyd, Berkeley College, 1986

Elizabeth Letts, Pierson ‘83


Jeanne Devine, Silliman ’72, Yale Divinity School ‘76

Linda Albani Manogue, Trumbull ‘80

Melissa Bauman Ward, Morse ‘87

Pamela Pershan Hochman, JE’86

Amy Ludwig, Trumbull ‘86

Aimee Liu, Silliman ‘75

Katherine Lee Yang, Silliman ‘86

Adrienne Y. Donald, Berkeley ’83, Yale Graduate School PhD ‘90

Margaret Webb Egler, Ezra Stiles ‘89

Julie Greene, Yale History PhD ‘90

Nan Cohen, Silliman ‘89

Elisabeth Anton, Branford ‘89

Lisa Brand, Timothy Dwight ’92, Yale College

Deborah Nelson, Saybrook 1985

Rachel Dempsey, Davenport ’09, Yale Law School ‘15

Masha Albrecht, Berkeley ’86, School of Music ‘87

Kate Moore Heaney, Silliman ‘14

Elyse Singer, Ezra Stiles ‘89

Susan Epstein, Yale College/Silliman ‘87

Dr. Ellen E. Joyce, Morse College ‘88

Erica Tavera, Trumbull ‘15

Jennie Shanker, School of Art/Sculpture 1992

Robin Chapman Stacey, Yale Ph.D. 1986, Dean of SM College, 1984–88

Marisa Gonzales Silverstein, Hopper ‘92

Nicole Wenger, Ezra Stiles ‘14

Elizabeth Teare, Davenport ’85, Graduate School ’00 (PhD English)

Alexa Frankenberg, Ezra Stiles 01

Tia Martinson, Yale School of Art ‘01

Jo-Ann Cohn, Timothy Dwight ‘89

Katharine Hsiao, Ezra Stiles ‘82

Elaine Margaret Lewinnek, Jonathan Edwards 95, PhD 05

Carol Simon, Branford ‘76

Idit Klein, JE ‘94

Miranda Rizzolo, Ezra Stiles ‘15

Priscilla Murolo, Ph.D., American Studies,1992

Carlene Miller, Ezra Stiles ‘14

Emily True, Timothy Dwight ‘85

Andrea Henig, Pierson ‘77

Courtney Alexander, Berkeley ‘87

Emily Zimmerman, Jonathan Edwards ‘82

Shannon Sommers, Trumbull, Yale College ‘22

Angela O’Keefe, Timothy Dwight ‘96

Katie Martin, Pierson ‘18

Aliyah Baruchin, Pierson ‘84

Gillian Smith, Saybrook ‘88

Jeanhee Chung, GSAS ‘11

Rebecca O’Malley, Morse ‘87

Wendy Goodman Thum, Saybrook 1975

Sara (Schaffer) Vadgama, Morse ‘89

Carrie N. Baker, Calhoun ‘87

Lara R. Constable, Davenport ‘89

Colette Sartor, Yale College, Berkeley ‘88

Denise Ramirez, BK ‘88

Olivia Valdes, Jonathan Edwards ‘16

Walker Caplan, Branford ‘20

Mary Elizabeth Matthews, Grace Hopper ‘06

Mary Loebach Riesen, Davenport ‘88

Amy Feldhun Handy, Saybrook ‘82

Eden Ohayon, Pierson College ‘14

Molly Houlahan, Hopper (Calhoun) ‘14

Carin R Greenberg, Silliman ‘81

Bowie Remaley, JE ‘95

Anne-Lise François, Morse, 89

Virginia Scharff, Grace Hopper ‘74

Susan Israel, Trumbull ‘88

Aviva Musicus, Branford ’13, Yale College

Jazzmin Lu, Davenport ‘13

Ayanna Woods, Silliman ‘14

Maraya Keny-Guyer, Timothy Dwight, 2019

Karen Sun, Berkeley ‘89

Jennie Livingston, Calhoun College ‘83

Julie (Hsu) Choey, Yale SOM ‘96

Elizabeth Eckhardt Atlee, Ezra Stiles ‘87

Kathleen Newman, 1998 Yale Graduate School American Studies

Mary C Collins, Yale School of Nursing MSN’75

Kamala Lopez, Morse ‘85

Karen Sawislak, Hopper (formerly Calhoun) ’84; Yale Graduate School, ‘90

Kathleen Keefe, Yale GSAS ‘20

Ellen Barber, Silliman ‘88

Dinah Lenney Mills, Ezra Stiles, ‘78

Christie Beeman, Morse ‘86

Christine Brozowski, YMS ‘96

Adriana Miele, Jonathan Edwards ‘16

Timmia Hearn Feldman, Morse ‘12

Monica Gribben, JE

Susannah Beyl, Jonathan Edwards ‘20

Shannon Carey, Pierson ‘90

Marcy Chong, Timothy Dwight ‘96

Katherine Hu, Ezra Stiles ‘21

Chloe Weil, Yale SOM ‘04

Natasha Reichle, Saybrook ‘87

Maria Burton, Davenport ’85, Yale College

Anna Blech, Hopper ‘19

Jean Shin, Yale Law School ‘03

Sana Aslam, Jonathan Edwards ’20, Yale College ‘20

Carolyn Conway, Silliman ’15, Yale College

Amy E. Davidson, Pierson ‘87

Miriam Wimpfheimer-Blech, Berkeley ‘75

Alejandra Riguero, Morse College ‘05

Elizabeth Cooper, Morse ‘87

Judith Donath, Calhoun (Hopper) ‘83

Jordan Schmolka, Silliman ‘20

Marlika Marceau, Grace Hopper ‘21

Lena Gallager, JE ‘21

Melinda Sewak, Silliman ‘12

Melissa Johnson, Stiles ‘12

Ursula Burton, Davenport ‘88

Ellen Jewett, Berkeley ‘16

Karen Teoh, Pierson ‘99

Christine Jiang Wu, Davenport ‘16

Leana Zang-Rosetti, Ezra Stiles ‘98

Rachel Heller, Calhoun 1984

Maryanne Cosgrove, Timothy Dwight ‘21

Lallie Cobb McKenzie, Ezra Stiles ‘86

Karin Turner Kricorian, CC/GH ‘94

Julia Pearlstein, Silliman ‘83

Joan E. Ausubel, Silliman ‘73

Kristina Kliszewski, Timothy Dwight ‘93

Ruth Simon, Stiles ‘84

Maureen Kline, Grace Hopper/Calhoun ‘86

Delia Berka, Grace Hopper ‘20

Hyun Mi Oh, Morse ‘85

Tracy Stark, Yale School of Drama ‘99

Dominique Baez, Berkeley ‘12

Carly Hafner, Ezra Stiles ‘15

Hong Alyce Van, Berkeley ‘07

Dianne Lake, Ezra Stiles ’16, Yale Law School ‘20

Sylvia Brownrigg, Saybrook ‘86

Lucy Cabrera, Berkeley ‘14

Rita Wenxin Wang, Morse ‘19

Rima Abhyankar, Branford ‘14

Mara Keire, Saybrook ‘89

aastha kc, pauli murray 2020

Alejandra Canales, Berkeley ‘20

Beth Garden, Yale School of Music 87

Ingvild Burkey, Calhoun (Grace Hopper) ‘89

Athena Wheaton, Branford ‘18

Jennifer Martinez, Hopper College 88

Elizabeth Anderson, GSAS ‘16

Tricia Greenberg Schoenbaum, Ezra Stiles ’91; LAW ‘96

Cynthia (Davis) Kanner, JE ‘85

Pamela Davis, Davenport 1977

Melissa W. Kasnitz, TD ‘89

Kimberley J. Rodler, Yale School of Architecture 1991

Thena Poteat, Yale Law School ‘91

Melissa Merritt, Pierson College ‘03

Denise Hudson, School of Drama, ‘93

Danielle Guillen, Ezra Stiles ‘13

Anna Hunt Graves, Davenport ‘90

Diana Goodwin, Calhoun ‘91

Greta Parnes, Davenport ‘14

Jaskaran Kaur, Jonathan Edwards, ‘00

Joanne Martin, Jonathan Edwards ‘85

Jeanne M Strauss, Trumbull ‘80

Deborah Gaines, Saybrook ‘82

Michelle Peng, Jonathan Edwards ‘19

Karen Kahler, Saybrook ‘85

Janet Chung, Silliman 1990

Tanya Messado, Ezra Stiles ‘97

Alexandra Viterbi, Branford ‘14

Nancy Stewart, Davenport 1978

Jenny Davidson, GSAS ‘99

Stephanie Vlahos, Davenport ‘79

Michelle Solomon, Pierson ‘96

Cindy Hwang, Berkeley ’15, Yale School of Art ‘20

Faith Stevelman, Morse, ’82, Graduate School, ‘85

Cristina Ruotolo, Yale Graduate School ‘97

Carolyn Fairbank, Pierson ‘82

Joan Cannady Countryman, Yale School of Art and Architecture, ‘66

Kelsi Caywood, Timothy Dwight, ‘18

Natalie A. Lapides, Davenport ‘15

Joanna Riesman, Branford ‘86

Liz Carver, Silliman ‘85

Suzanne Mustacich, Saybrook ‘86

Cheryl Camillo, Jonathan Edwards ‘89

Jessica Gold MD MS, Yale School of Medicine ‘14

Julia Bailey, Yale Graduate School ‘96

Eleanor Michotte, Morse College ‘15

Marisa K. Mickel, Yale College 1995, JE

Gloria Loya, JE ‘05

Marjorie Meredith, Saybrook ‘85

Lauren Kuhns, Pierson ‘14

Amy Zwanziger, Branford ‘09

Emily Frost, Davenport ‘16

Meredith Ellen Hyde, Davenport ‘87

Megan Browne (née Ayers), Saybrook ‘15

Patricia Ohlott, Silliman ‘83

Sharon Wurtzel, Berkeley ‘86

Barbara A. Casey MPH, Yale School of Public Health ‘91

Emily Wilson, Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences ‘01

Elisia Ceballo-Countryman, Grace Hopper ‘18

Erin Arruda Timmer, JE ‘00

Marley Hays, Yale College ‘20

Kate Ramsey, Ezra Stiles ‘87

Amanda Powell, Jonathan Edwards ‘77

Elizabeth McLaughlin, Morse College ‘89

Lauren Waits, Morse1990

Sherri Wolf, Trumbull/Yale College ‘84

Jenny Dalsimer Archer, Berkeley 86′

Elizabeth J. Rourke MD, Branford ‘87

Deborah Bush , Silliman “85

Emma McBurney Kinstedt, Berkeley ‘12

Tamar Birckhead, Morse College ‘87

Phoebe Roberts, Jonathan Edwards ‘95

Mona Gerdes, Berkeley ‘84

Koinonia I. Martin-Page, Silliman ‘01

Paula Blume, Trumbull ‘95

Kathleen Murphy , Morse ‘84

Susan Clayton, Yale Graduate School ‘87

Noriko Manabe, Davenport ‘82

Caitlin Chiquelin, FES ‘18

Connie Cho, Silliman ‘13

Emily Silverman , Davenport ‘86

Ritika Arora, Calhoun/Hopper ‘95

Ann-Catherine Padian , Saybrook ‘00

Erin S. Kelly, Davenport ‘88

Molly Monet-Viera, GRD ‘00

Natalie Danford, GH ‘88

Lauren Young, Calhoun 1985

Karen Lindsley Painter, Pierson 87

Jessica Cerdeña, Yale School of Medicine ‘22

Ann Packer, Jonathan Edwards ‘81

Myra Paci, Trumbull ‘88

Lisa Posner Pafe, Berkeley ‘82

Heather Kingsbury Hill, Yale/Davenport ‘87

Yin Ling Wong, Morse ‘87

Kristin Wiley, Yale School of Nursing ‘09

Rebecca R. Noel, Davenport ‘85

Siduri Beckman, Jonathan Edwards ‘20

Audrey Thier, Davenport ‘81

Carina Gormley , Morse ‘20

Maria E. Montoya, Trumbull ’86, Yale History PhD, ‘94

Erin Reilly , Timothy Dwight ‘85

Aundra Saa Meroe , Berkeley ‘89

Ashley Chang, Yale School of Drama ‘16

Grace Jin, Pierson ‘21

Abby Levine, Berkeley ‘02

Shannon Barr, Saybrook ‘88

Claire Haldeman, Pierson ‘19

Andria Matthews, Hopper ‘04

Susan Kass, Timothy Dwight ’85, YSN ‘93

Claire Potter, Pierson ‘80

Caroline Fell, Ezra Stiles ‘87

J Mi Haisman, BK ‘90

Lisa Qian, Silliman ‘20

Janna Wagner, JE 1995

Ashley Ison, Ezra Stiles ’14, Yale College

Deborah Bleich Cogan, Davenport ‘79

Annie LaCourt, Yale School of Drama, 1986

Adrianne Owings, Pierson ‘20

Ariel Sophia Bardi, GRD 2015

Ruby Rae Spiegel, Ezra Stiles ‘15

Yedida Kanfer, GSAS 2011

Emma Keyes, Pierson College, ‘19

Lauren Anderson, Morse, ‘99

Calla C. Jo, Saybrook ‘88

Aminah Zaghab, Ezra Stiles ‘12

Corinne Kentor, Timothy Dwight ‘16

Carol Schatz, Jonathan Edwards 1981

Andrea Hsu, Berkeley ‘95

Penny Paul, Morse 84

Laura Ekstrand, Saybrook ‘87

Barbara J Delaney, Trumbull ‘79

Carol Reis Whitehead, ES ‘72

Alyssa Ince, Benjamin Franklin ‘20

Margaret Adair Quinn, Yale School of Drama 1982, Yale School of Drama Faculty 1985–1992

Sybil Fix, Ezra Stiles, ‘88

Mary Nell Wegner, Silliman ‘87

Lauren Lee Stone, Hopper ‘86

Lorena Lopes, Davenport ‘85

Hilary Whelan Reyl, Silliman ‘89

Miranda Coombe, Saybrook ‘21

Rebecca Kravetz, Yale School of Drama 1986

Julie Beth Triedman , Hopper ’85, Yale College

Makayla Haussler , Morse 2019

Betty Chen, Yale School of Architecture ‘92

Amy Dru Stanley, Yale Graduate School Arts and Sciences (PhD, History,1990)

Allison Tolman, Silliman ‘81

Eryn Hoffman , Saybrook ‘99

Skye Lavin, Silliman 96

Olivia Kim, Saybrook ‘87

Baobao Zhang, Formerly Calhoun College/Hopper College ‘13

Karen Brandt Onel, Berkeley ‘85

Wendy Turchin, Morse ‘89

Diana Rosen, Pierson ‘16

Nina Glickman Nathani, Davenport ‘82

Lynn Harris, Silliman ‘90

Linda Lynch, Davenport/Yale ‘85

Dorothy Potter Snyder, Pierson, ‘78

Heidi Callison Smith, Berkely ‘82

Rachel Trousdale, Trumbull ’96, Graduate School ‘02

Katherine Salinas, Jonathan Edwards ‘21

Nadine George-Graves, Berkeley ‘93

Marcy Hardaty, Saybrook ‘87

Deborah Yaffe, Calhoun/Hopper ‘87

Suzanne B Shaps, Jonathan Edwards ‘81

Cornelia Blatter, Yale School of Art ‘88

Katy Naples-Mitchell, Saybrook ‘13

Kari Steeves, Timothy Dwight ‘89

Paige Lindsey Smith, Yale Divinity School, ‘76

Melissa delaCruz, Timothy Dwight ‘01

Shaadee Ahmadnia, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies ‘16

Alexandra Lange, Pierson ‘94

Judith Sanders, BK ‘77

Robin Walker, Ezra Stiles ‘93

Nina Tracy Jaeger, Morse College, ‘88

Micah Mingo, Ezra Stiles ‘18

Maggie Robbins, Jonathan Edwards ‘85

Jessica M Goldman, Branford ’93, YSN ‘99

Katherine Jahnige Mathews, Silliman ’85, School of Med EPH ‘89

Melissa Marvin Laico, Pierson ‘85

Louisa de Cossy, Fellow YLS, Graduate of Cal Berkeley ‘11

Josie Wilson, Davenport ‘20

Sarah Miller Haun, Pierson, ‘85

Sarah Mele, Grace Hopper 2020

Catherine Picker, Silliman ‘86

Margo Baender, Branford ‘87

Nancy C. Langwiser-Kear, Davenport ‘79

Mara Lytle, Branford ‘86

Suzanne Shende, Branford, ‘87

Anita Stewart, Davenport ’83, Yale School of Drama ‘88

Judith Goldiner , Branford ‘85

Laura Glesby, Timothy Dwight ‘21

Valentina Connell, Timothy Dwight ‘20

Ellen Katherine Heyneman, Calhoun ’80, Yale Medical School ‘84

Mary Lee Grant , Berkeley ‘86

Sarah Banks, Jonathan Edwards ‘86

Monique Truong, TD ‘90

Seyram Dodor, Saybrook ‘19

Rachel Dickstein, Jonathan Edwards, ‘92

Janet Kirby, MD, Ezra Stiles ‘85

Rianna Johnson-Levy, Jonathan Edwards ‘17

Eleanor ter Horst, Silliman ‘87

Becca Young, Timothy Dwight ‘18

Jennifer Spreitzer, Berkeley ‘89

Rachelle Lyons LaPrade, Silliman ‘93

Rosa Shapiro-Thompson, Pierson ‘19

Isabel Siragusa, Davenport ‘11

Tamar Schapiro, Davenport ‘86

Maria A. Guglielmo, Trumbull ‘88

Maura Leeds Rosberger, Timothy Dwight ‘87

Sara Chaganti, Morse ‘07

Joy Chang, Saybrook, ‘94

Elizabeth Skurnick, Saybrook ’95, Yale College