C’est de la Folie, Deuxième Partie

hardest thing

In an earlier post, I took note of Trump’s evident belief that he could fire the FBI director before his inauguration, and before his election, and even before his nomination, as evidence of increasing mental deterioration.

In a post this morning, titled The President’s Mental Deficiencies Have Been Normalized, Nancy LeTourneau addresses the same issue. She writes,

What is perhaps most disturbing about all of this is that we’ve all grown so accustomed to these kinds of things from Trump that it barely registered any attention in the media. That is how this president’s mental deficiencies have been normalized to a dangerous degree.

A Two-Handed Observation

On the one hand, one understands why reporters now feel it’s superfluous to add comments such as, “In making this claim, the President obviously was wearing a tin hat and receiving messages from the Planet Krypton—or was acting on the assumption that his followers have lost all capacity to distinguish between delusion and reality.”

On the other hand, it’s unwise, I think, to miss signs that an already delusional liar is now manifesting signs of yet further mental disintegration.


The photograph above comes from Fort Bend County, Texas. The large elephant in the room is intended to represent both the god Ganesh and the Republican mascot.