Brett Kavanaugh and Bart O’Kavanaugh

The always indispensable Vasari has called my attention to the video above.

Three other things.

A Scientific Survey

First, I have conducted a scientific survey of myself and three of my septuagenarian male friends, and all of us managed to get through high school with raping anyone or attempting to do so. I note, however, that the scope of my scientific poll did not include detailed questioning about our respective internet search histories.

Boys Will be Boys

I assume those who espouse the boys-will-be-boys defense would be happy to apply the same standard to a 17-year old illegal immigrant from Haiti who tried to rape their granddaughter.

Death Penalty Standards

Third, as my old friend Clarence Darrow noted in a conversation yesterday, the future Justice Kavanaugh will likely join his conservative colleagues in believing it’s OK to execute people for what they did at age 17.