Why is This Tweet Different from All Other Tweets?

indictment tweet

Jonathan Chait, Trump’s War on Democracy Will Be Held in the Department of Justice

Paul Waldman, Voters want a check on this lawless, raging president. This new poll confirms it.

  1. Previously, Trump’s attacks on Mueller’s and others’ investigations have been based on claims that the investigations lacked a basis or that they suffered from some purported procedural flaw. In stark contrast, Trump does not challenge the provable guilt of Congressmen Collins and Hunter, nor purport to discover anything squirrely about the process that led to their indictment. His vehement objection is that Attorney General Sessions did not shitcan legitimate indictments, for the sake of protecting the House Republican majority, and thus protecting Trump.
  2. Trump’s intended use of the Justice Department to protect him and his cronies and to crush enemies is essentially how Putin does business in Russia.
  3. In making an explicit argument that criminal prosecution should be undertaken or not undertaken for purely political reasons, unrelated to the merits of a criminal investigation, Trump “inadvertently crystallized the argument for a Democratic-led House.”
  4. Trump proved that he is not a rational bad man. A rational bad man might have had that conversation in a private, deniable conversation with the Attorney General—after checking to see that the Attorney General was not wearing a wire. A rational bad man would not have shared his thoughts with his millions of Twitter followers.

The fourth point might be of particular interest to those still playing footsie with The Donald. You have demonstrated over and over that Faustian bargains are OK with you. Supporting bad men? No problema. But aligning yourself with an entirely irrational bad man? Could be a problema.


Good evening to readers in China and in Hong Kong SAR China, where rulers take care to pretend to be virtuous.