How Many Trump Supporters Think He’s a Liar and the Truth is not in Him? Read this Post to Find Out.

Who do you trust? Trump’s attacks take a toll on his own credibility, as well as the media’s:

New data from a USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll this summer show how far the erosion of trust has gone: Of nine major sources of news, none were “mostly” or “completely” trusted by more than one-third of voters. The trust that does exist was heavily polarized along party lines, with Trump trailing the pack. …

Not all of that — or even most — is Trump’s doing: Trust in the news media, and most other U.S. institutions, has declined slowly and steadily for decades. But levels of trust in the media nosedived during the 2016 campaign year, according to surveys by Gallup and other nonpartisan polling organizations. That was especially true among Republicans, likely reflecting Trump’s attacks on the press.

What Trump’s attacks haven’t done is improve the administration’s own credibility.

Just 1 in 5 voters said they mostly or completely trusted information from the Trump administration, the USC poll found. That rating was significantly worse than voters gave some of Trump’s frequent targets, including CNN, MSNBC and national newspapers.

That’s also only about half as many voters as the share that approves of Trump’s job performance, evidence that many of those who support him do so even though they don’t believe much of what he says. Independent fact-checkers have cataloged thousands of false statements that Trump has made since taking office, some of which may stem from ignorance or wishful thinking, others of which appear to be intentional lies.

What This All Means

So, about half of Trump supporters are willing to tell pollsters that they understand he’s a lying sack of shit, but they support him anyway. I’d guess a good many others also understand he’s a liar, but are not willing to admit it to a pollster.

What does this imply about the likely success of his anti-Mueller strategy, to wit, no matter what Mueller ultimately says, and no matter what evidence he adduces in support of his charges, just deny, deny, deny?

It implies that that strategy will work just fine with ten to twenty percent of the population.

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