Answering an Objection to the Preceding Post

cut the mustard

In the immediately preceding post I implied that the Trump/Giuliani legal defense—no matter what they say, just deny, deny, deny—is defective, because only ten to twenty percent of the population will buy it.

It has been objected that another ten or twenty percent won’t believe Trump, but may still support him anyway, no matter how much colluding and money laundering he has done.

This is a logical objection. But my answer is that it all may depend on just what crimes Mueller shows Trump to have committed.

The highly gullible 10-20 percent will still support Trump, because they will believe Trump despite the evidence before them.

But, for the less gullible Trump supporters, or at least for some of them, their continued support may be contingent on what Trump is show actually to have done. For those folks, the just-deny-it-all strategy won’t cut the mustard.

And that shows just how desperate Trump’s defenders are.

I had some cases like that. At this stage, we were in serious settlement talks.