Some Interesting Facts About the Florida Primaries

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Polling got Andrew Gillum’s victory in Florida very wrong. 8 experts on how that happened: Pollsters likely miscalculated who was going to turn out.

Florida Primary Election Results

First of all, Trump and his minions have done a wonderful job of terrifying old white people about cultural and racial changes. Republican turnout, compared to the 2016 primary, increased by a whopping 13.5 percent.

Way to go, Trump!

Unfortunately for the angry, terrified, old white people, Trump and the Trumpistas also did a terrific job of frightening the rest of Florida’s population. Democratic primary turnout, as compared to 2016, increased by 35 percent.

About 1,510,000 Democrats turned out to vote in the Florida primary, as did some 1,618,000 Republicans.

There were two serious candidates in the Republican primary for governor, Ron DeSantis and Adam Putnam, along with several single-digit losers. DeSantis, the victor, running as Trump’s lickspittle—and trumpeting his Trump endorsement—got about 56 percent of the Republican vote. Putnam, an establishment type who argued that DeSantis was just a Trump puppet, got 37 percent of the Republican vote. The rest also ran.

In sum, 914,000 Florida Republican primary voters cast their votes for the Trump Bootlicker, while 704,000 exercised their franchise for Someone Else.

Meanwhile, among Florida’s Democratic primary voters, young people and African-Americans turned out in far greater numbers than any of the pollsters had predicted.

It is in this context that Congressman DeSantis has chosen to gin up his supporters by describing his opponent as an articulate performing monkey.