In the immediately preceding post, I claimed that four factors resulted in the Rise of Trump: (1) the election of a competent black president, (2) the nomination of a competent woman for president, (3) the appearance on the scene of an idiot savant Mussolini ready to take maximum advantage of factors one and two, and (4) the complicity of the country club I’m-not-a-racisit-but crowd.

There will come a time when Trump will be toast. It won’t result from his criminality or from his general bad character. Nor will it be because his most rabid followers grow tired of him.

It will be because is not only a savant, but also an idiot. And, in his idiocy, he is driving an immovable wedge between the rabid mob and the country club set.

Unless both factions work together, they cannot win elections.

And always remember, boys and girls, if a thing cannot happen, then that thing will not happen.