God’s Choice for Our Next President

President Pence

I think we may be forgiven for deriving some innocent merriment from the enchanted ramblings of Pastor Kilpatrick. But, all seriousness aside, let’s think this through.

My name is not Nostradamus, but I can apply basic logic to the known facts.

The good ship Trump is taking on water. Faster and faster. Only this morning the boss of the National Inquirer was granted immunity to tell his story about illegal collusion with Trump.

God’s chosen vessel is headed for the iceberg.

So, though I am not Nostradamus, let me make this prediction.

Sometime in the coming months, Falwell, Jr., and Graham, Jr. and their ilk with have a secret conference at some nice, secluded resort.

They will solemnly declare that God has withdrawn His mandate from the Trumpster. They will conclude that God, and their constituents, would be just fine if Vice President Unctuous were promoted to the presidency.

And they will solemnly petition the Democrats running the House of Representatives to pass Articles of Impeachment.

The sooner the better.

Trump ship