You Can Fool Some of the People Some of the Time

And just how many can you fool? New data provide further insight.

As per the graphic above, a steady 41-42 percent of ‘Mericans, when asked, declare that they “support Trump.” With that thought in mind, let’s take a look at these two posts, which interpret a recent CNN poll probing public attitudes about the Mueller investigation.

CNN poll: Most say Mueller should try to end investigation before Election Day

As Trump keeps raging at Mueller, another poll shows his lies are failing

Great News for Trump!

In June of this year, only 29 percent of Americans said they “approved how President Trump is handling the Russia investigation.” By mid-August, Trump had tweeted himself up another five percent Trump-handling-the-investigation approvers, to bring the number up to 34 percent of our body politic.

Bad News for Trump

Compare that 34 percent figure with the universe of all Trump approvers. After months and months of mendacious witch hunt tweets—and sedulous repetition of the same lies—at least 17 percent of Trump approvers still do NOT “approve of his handling of the Mueller investigation. (7 ÷ 41 = 17 percent.)

And let’s look at another data point. As to Trump’s awareness of his campaign’s various Russian contacts, there is as yet no definitive proof concerning “what did Trump know and when did he know it.” But 57 percent of all ‘Mericans have already concluded that “Trump knew about contacts between his campaign operatives and Russians.” (And that, by the way, is a very reasonable supposition, because Trump his denied knowledge—and, like the proverbial Cretan—Trump never tells the truth.)

Meanwhile, 36 percent of Americans have drunk deeply of the Kool Aid, and have reached the conclusion, on Trump’s say-so alone, that Trump lacked knowledge of Russian contacts.

That leaves at least 12 percent of Trump approvers who either think that Trump is lying through his teeth, or don’t know or don’t care whether Trump is lying through his teeth. (5 ÷ 41 = 12 percent.)

Driving that Wedge

Conclusion: Trump is doing a fabulous job of driving a wedge between a hard core of the most gullible Americans, and everyone else.