Tyranny and Contempt

freedmens bureau

The nutjobs are piling into Washington for their rally on Sunday, so the topic of white victimization has been on our minds and in our posts.

The Victimization of Aardvark

I would like to begin by making two personal points. The first is that I am a white person, and have been for many years.

The second is that I once had the strong sense that I suffered from ill treatment because of my race. The year was 1995, and I had a hankering for some finger-lickin’ chickin’. So I went to the local KFC, where I came away feeling that the black customers had received service that was superior to mine in promptness and quality. I cannot now remember the precise facts. Nor do I know for sure that my poor treatment was due to racial resentment, as distinguished from ordinary ineptness. But, obviously, I still remember the occasion.

Other than that, I am confident I have never been mistreated because of my race.

All That Said ….

All that said, I agree with the nutjobs who will infest our nation’s capital this weekend. They have, in truth and in fact, been the objects of tyranny, persecution, and obloquy.


If you are utterly convinced that your whiteness makes you superior, then it is tyranny to be forced to treat non-white people decently. George Wallace put it very well.


And yes, because their views are contemptible, polite society holds them in contempt.

With those thoughts in mind, let us all, once again, enjoy “Hey Mr. Tangerine Man.”