24 Million White Snowflakes


Study: 24 million white Americans think like the alt-right: The Unite the Right marchers aren’t alone, according to brand new research

In this article we learn that there are 128 million non-Hispanic white folks in the United States. And that twelve percent of them—that would be 24 million—agree with all three of these positions:

  • their white racial identity is very important to them
  • they think it’s important for white people to stick together, and, most significantly in my view,
  • white people are severely victimized by discrimination.

Note that if you only believe one or two of those things, but not all three, you don’t make the cut. You are not one of the 24 million people most likely to be moved by appeals to racism. (Don’t know how many of these slightly less racist folks there are.)

What is to be Done?

Two points.

One. It would be nice if some of these folks could be brought around to the view that, however much they resent that some black dude was promoted over them, what they should really be worried about is losing their health care.

And, by the way, to repeat a point I have made before, it wouldn’t hurt to remind them that the guy in the White House is such a fuckup that he is giving their cherished racism a bad name.

But that probably won’t work. Like Pavlov’s dog, they will probably go on salivating to the racist dog whistles.

Two. If Trump is bound and determined to divide us into two warring tribes, then so be it. It’s really bad news that there are 24 million hard core white snowflakes among us. But that’s a fact, and it’s pretty much always best to know the relevant facts.

Trump is really good at dividing people from one another. So let’s just celebrate his dividing of the Republican Party, and let’s all get out and vote.