A Preemptive Response

Some may detect a contradiction between, on the one hand, my claim, in the immediately preceding post, that white anxiety best explains Trump’s rise, and, on the other hand, my insight that Trump’s crude racism is driving a wedge between him and many of his supporters.

But let me offer this preemptive response to any such objection: there is no real contradiction between these two views. See my post on Megadoses of Geritol and Uncle Herbert’s mistake.

For a portion of Trump’s base, a little discreet race baiting might work just fine, but a lot of overt race baiting is just too much. Too much Geritol. They are getting mighty tired of his act.

Let us ponder these thoughts as the folks in Ohio exercise their franchise today. I will join you in spirit this evening, watching MSNBC on the big screen as we count any newly hatched progressive poultry.