This is Where the Party Ends

I lay no claim to great originality or perspicacity, though I try to think as clearly, as objectively, as fearlessly as possible. All that said, I wish to congratulate myself for having said, for some time now, that “Trump is turning out to be such a jerk that he gives white racism a bad name.”

In the post that immediately preceded this one, I quoted from a recent political analysis from the Democracy Corps. A key point in their analysis is that pretty much all self-identified Republicans are deeply concerned about the whiteness of America. But another key point is that half of them squirm when they see a Trump rally—and a great many of them don’t go along with environmental degradation and other extremist policies of one kind or another.

The less crazy Republicans embrace white identity politics, but that want (what they see as) a respectable form of white identify politics. One that doesn’t risk your being read out of polite society.

They really, really don’t want political theater so loony that gives their racism a bad name.

And so, every tie Trump prances around in front of a rabid mob, they squirm.

And, poco a poco, America grows more and more diverse. And all forms of white identity politics are becoming less acceptable.


Greetings to today’s readers from Australia, Colombia, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, of which England is a part. Gday, mates, to all of you. I hope that, in a few years, you can come visit the United States, and feel safe and welcome.