Glimmers of Hope

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Alt-Right Trolling is Losing its Punch

The “controversy” over journalist Sarah Jeong joining the New York Times, explained: In standing by its decision to hire the well-known tech journalist, the Times shut down a major bullying tactic of the alt-right. 

Probably more information than you want to know about right-wing trolling and fine distinctions between different forms of ancient offensive social media posts. Certainly more information than I wanted to know. But informative nonetheless.

The free marketplace of ideas is beginning to work. The virus is being contained. About damn time, too.

New polls show Ted Cruz could really lose in 2018

As you know, Aardvark eschews enumeration of embryonic poultry. But wouldn’t it be nice to wipe that smarmy smile off his obnoxious face?

Diversity is Our Clear Demographic Destiny

Ezra Klein explains, at great length.

Republicans are United by Fear of Immigrants and Demographic Change—But Trump’s Antics are Driving a Deep Wedge among them on Other Issues

Talk about bad news and good news.

Among the (somewhat) reluctant Trump supporters,  turnout will be depressed by lack of appetite for the big corporate tax cuts, for overturning Roe v. Wade, for debasing the environment, and for kowtowing to Russia.

[T]he Trump loyalists compose just under half of self-identifying Republicans and Republican- leaning independents. The remaining 53 percent of the GOP base consists of moderates (20 percent), secular conservatives (16 percent), and conservative or observant Catholics (16 percent). …

This half of the GOP is less enamored with Donald Trump and much less enthusiastic about the November elections (50 percent give the maximum ‘10’ level of interest) compared to the Trump loyalists. Their interest level is also well below what is expressed by Democrats and, importantly, it has not budged in the last three months. As we know from our focus groups, they do not respond positively to watching Trump rallies, his main form of communication with his loyalist base. …

GOP voters are polarized in their reactions to Trump and Fox News. That is produced by the Trump loyalists who love Fox News (51 percent very favorable) and the less enthusiastic GOP, only 49 percent of whom view Fox favorably. The anti-gay marriage/pro-Christianity dimension reveals there are blocs of the GOP base who are hostile to LGBTQ people and non-Christians, but also those who are more positive.

The pro-government dimension also has important implications because some factions of the GOP base are open to a bigger role of government. Trump loyalists strongly oppose government help with the cost of childcare or college, but a large majority of the less enthusiastic GOP women favor it, one-third strongly.

The pro-government dimension also helps explain the importance of the environment to some in the GOP, which was one of the biggest surprises in the focus groups and in our survey. The Trump loyalists are dismissive of environmentalists and worry about their overreach and extremism, but the other half of the GOP base worry about the Trump administration’s actions on climate and environmental issues and feel environmentalists play a valuable role. The less enthusiastic GOP express positive views of environmentalists (by a two-to-one ratio) and a plurality favor measures to prevent global warming.

Aardvark’s Addendum

Don’t you love it that half of self-identified Republicans squirm when they see Trump perform at one of his rallies?

As he gets crazier and crazier–and his mob gets crazier and crazier–the squirming will increase.

And that’s nice. But isn’t it a shame that the big issue on most Republicans’ minds is protecting white people from the coming deluge?