A Coalition of the Sensible


On Politico, we learn that McCain’s 2012 campaign manager is now working for a Democratic candidate for the 2020 nomination—a situation said to have Republicans “abuzz.” And someone named Bill Scher urges Never Trumpers just to go ahead and join up with the Democrats. Meanwhile, Donald J. Trump is doing everything he can to read the Kochs out of the Republican Party.

Sensible Plutocrats

Well and truly has it been said that “An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought.” Big Business bought a whole lot of Republican politicians, and they got their humongous tax cut, their deregulation, and their ultra-business-friendly judges. Well and good. But when it came time to stand up for immigration and cheap labor, for international trade, for the international security system, and for the United States over Russia, most of those they had bought did not stay bought.

The problem is that humongous tax cut is all well and good—from the plutocrats’ perspective—but if there are no profits on which taxes are due, then the tax cut does you no good.

Plutocrats did not become plutocrats by throwing good money after bad. If the folks you have bought did not stay bought, then you need to recognize that you have bought the wrong people, and you bloody well need to buy someone else.

Sensible Progressives

The Trump base is probably shrinking, by a little bit, and it is certainly becoming crazier by the hour. But there are still a lot of them.

This country does not need the sensible among us—including the sensibly greedy—divided into two parties.

What we need is a Grand Coalition of the Sensible.

Aardvark welcomes any plutocrat who wishes to make common cause against the idiocy of the right.