As the Stomach Turns

Over at the Faux News Network

They’re a little schizophrenic about Trump’s lickspittle performance in Europe, but the lead story is Rand to the Rescue: Kentucky Senator is one of few on right or left defending Trump from critics after Helsinki summit. (That’s the headline on the home page as of this writing.) Last night I called Rand Paul craven. When you are too much of a poltroon for Fox to stomach, you have truly reached a point of signal achievement.

He’s Not a Russian Agent, Because a Real Russian Agent would have Hidden his Treachery

Douthat tweet

Expatiating on Douthat’s last point, in Fiasco in Finland, several pundits strive to explain Trump’s behavior, but cannot arrive at a satisfactory explanation. Definitely worth a read, IMHO. Meanwhile,

The New York Daily News Sums it Up This Morning

Daily News