Pollyanna Despairs


Some Republicans said reasonably appropriate things about Trump’s abandonment of the Western alliance and embrace of our enemy. That’s nice.

But there is good reason for despair. Take, for example, Rand Paul’s craven defense of Trump on PBS News this evening.

Robert Kagan persuasively tells us that Things will not be okay with the international order.

And then there’s David Brooks. We like David Brooks, but Good Lord in Heaven, he has often sounded a lot like Polyanna. But tonight David minces no words in The Murder-Suicide of the West.

I am sure these worthies know much more than I, but I haven’t quite given up hope.

The 42 percent who have stuck with Trump thus far have accepted or embraced racism.

Torturing children? No problema.

Taking a sledgehammer to NATO? Whatever.

Telling the FBI and the CIA to go to hell? Well, the deep state must have had it coming.

But hit them in the checkbook with a botched trade war? I don’t think so.

Remember that a goodly portion of Trump’s 41 percent are people who care only for wealth. In their New Testament, the love of money is the root of all that is good and beautiful.

So here’s where we seem to be tonight. If Trump does the sensible thing, pulls back on his trade war, declares victory, and awards himself a great bloody big gold medal, we may all be screwed. But if he continues to overplay his hand on international trade—if he digs the hole deeper, and then keep on digging—then some of those 41 percent are going to wake up and smell the coffee.

His hard core will be there, but give then enough economic pain, and the hard core will shrink and shrink. They will be reduced to the kernel of Roy Moore supporters, who can’t even carry Alabama. And God will truly bless America again.


Note: Apologies for three metaphors in one sentence. Greetings to my many readers in western Europe. And to my one reader in Russia. Probably the KGB. Hope y’all are havin’ a nice day.