Angela, Theresa, and Emmanuel, America Needs Your Help


The cover of Der Spiegel shows how the Germans view the events of this week.

According to Google translator, the caption reads “what it means for Germany to be Donald Trump’s enemy.” From their words, I infer that the good folks at Der Spiegel understand that Trump is speaking for Trump, not for America. It is Trump who is Germany’s enemy, not the United States.

Angela and Theresa, this week Trump has endeavored, viciously and overtly, to bring your governments down. It is time for you to return the favor.

There is no dealing with Trump. Pomp and circumstance won’t do it. Tea with the Queen will not suffice. Appeasement won’t work.

What you have to do is find a way to work with the sensible folks in America to bring him crashing down. I don’t know how exactly to do that, but there must be a way. You might begin by exploring the possibility of concerted action with the U.S. Secretaries of Defense and State.

“President Mike Pence.” Has a good ring to it, right?