The Great Falls Rally

Last night Trump held a rally in Great Falls, Montana. The county in which Great Falls is located has a population of about 82 thousand. Great Falls is easily accessible from three other counties as well; the combined population of the four counties is about 157,500. Six thousand five hundred of them showed up for the rally. Look and listen to their reactions as he moves through his rant of dictator love, misogyny, contempt for volunteerism, racial ugliness, hatred for our international allies, and gratuitous lying.

This morning the pundits in the papers and the talking heads on TV are talking about how unhinged this behavior is, even by Trump’s standards. Naturally, we all wonder what the hell is going on. Naturally, I don’t know for sure, any more than anyone else.

But here is what I think. Mueller is closing in. Michael Cohen is flipping. The end is nearer than we think.

And think about something else. Ladies and germs, who runs this country? I think you know, but if you don’t know, Uncle Arius will clue you in. Basically, big business runs this country.

And with the trade war that is just now getting started, big business has revised its view of Donald J. Trump. Previously, they were utterly convinced that Trump was a useful idiot. Now he’s an idiot who is about to bring the economy crashing down.

The end is near. What to do? Only one thing left to do: have a toga party and let it all hang out.