Let Roe Go—or Not?

st agatha

Let Roe go argues Megan McArdle. She makes some good points—about the weakness of the legal logic of Roe, and about the adverse effects flowing from taking this discussion away from the political process and giving it to a judicial deus ex machina.

What happens when the deus ex machina fails? We are about to find out.

But Rickie Solinger reminds us of the downside of letting Roe go: This is what life was like for women in America before Roe v. Wade.

They say that hard cases make bad law. This is a hard choice.

Meanwhile, Frank Bruni says that Trump is planning to nominate Judge Barrett, and then to play political jujitsu and smite the liberals bigly, after the liberals overreach and make the good judge into the biggest Christian martyr since Saint Agatha.

Aardvark’s Advice

Yo, Donald!

Be a man. Show us you got a pair.

Go ahead and nominate Amy Coney Barrett.

Make my day!