Donald Trump and the People of Praise


Whiling away my time waiting for the hamburgers and chili dogs here at Happy Acres, I read Two Judges Exemplify the Choice Trump Faces in a Supreme Court Pick.

As a rule, Aardvark prefers not to read news stories about things that might happen, and prioritizes news stories about this that have actually happened. By like token, Aardvark has the same interest in internecine quarrels among right wing judicial scholars as he has in the theological difference between the Twelvers and the Seveners.

Nevertheless, I thought the Times article repaid the reading. Judge Kavanaugh, who is said to be the current favorite in Trump’s monkey mind, sounds like he might turn out to be Anthony Kennedy redux. Equally as important, for the crowd that cares most about abortion and the precious right to hate gay people, Kavanaugh’s nomination would be seen as a betrayal. That’s a big reason why Trump’s monkey mind may change once again before he announces the nomination.

I assume that, if Kavanaugh is nominated, there will be a fight, but he will be confirmed.

Judge Barrett, said to be numero dos inside the Trumpian cranium, is a very different kettle of fish. Everybody thinks she would overrule Roe v. Wade in a New York minute.

Kavanaugh’s potential nomination, it appears, would engender an angry fight. Barrett’s potential nomination would raise holy hell.

Fun factoid: Judge Barrett was born into the People of Praise, married another member, and is raising her seven children in the sect. According to their web site, it’s “a Christian community of familes and single people who seek to participate in the mission of the church in our time and to live our lives communally until the day when Jesus will be all in all.”

It seems reasonable to assume that the future Justice Barrett will be forever guided in her judicial philosophy to rule in such a way that Jesus will be all in all.

I am not aware of the fine distinctions among the theological views of the People of Praise, the Twelvers, and the Seveners, but I am sure we will receive further enlightenment as the confirmation process moves forward.