Mexico’s Border with Guacamole


IMHO, it’s worth checking out A Princeton sociologist spent 8 years asking rural Americans why they’re so pissed off. The subtitle reads, “Hint: it’s not about the economy.”

And here’s another hint: Hint, it’s not about anything remotely coherent.

The article presents an interview with the sociologist in question, one Robert Wuthnow. The fruits of Professor Wuthnow’s eight years of labor are summarized in this passage:

Wuthnow’s work resulted in a new book, The Left Behind: Decline and Rage in Rural America. He argues that rural Americans are less concerned about economic issues and more concerned about Washington threatening the social fabric of small towns and causing a “moral decline” in the country as a whole. The problem, though, is that it’s never quite clear what that means or how Washington is responsible for it.

I tried to buy the book on Kindle, only to be informed that I had already purchased it. (For those of us rapidly declining into senility, that’s a very helpful service that Kindle provides.) I’m going to try to force myself to read the book, and if I do, I will send along a book report.

Meanwhile, even without the graphs and charts and statistical analysis, I think it’s clear that the stated reasons for the Deplorables’ wrath bear only a tenuous relation to the real reasons for their anger, whatever those reasons may be.

They are mad as hell, but also gullible as hell, and latch onto whatever random nonsense they come across, as a reason for their anger.

A case in point is the above post by someone with whom I attended high school. Her name was deleted, to protect the guilty.

The wall in question is not in Latin America but instead in Israel. The actual border between Mexico and Guatemala looks like this. You can wade across it. (So that solves the question of the Mexico-Guacamole border, but what about Mexico’s OTHER southern border, the one with Los Estados Unidos de Salsa Picante? Maybe THAT’S where that big wall is located!)

Mexico border