A Complaint Against Jefferson Beauregard Sessions


Monday, July 18, 2018

Dear Rev. Boykin and Rev. Wines,

We, the undersigned laity and clergy of the United Methodist Church, issue a formal complaint against fellow United Methodist layperson Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, by our understanding a lay member of Ashland Place United Methodist Church, in Mobile, AL, and an active participant in Clarendon United Methodist Church, Arlington, VA. While we are reticent to bring a formal complaint against a layperson, Mr. Sessions’ unique combination of tremendous social/political power, his leading role as a Sunday School teacher and former delegate to General Conference, and the severe and ongoing impact of several of his public, professional actions demand that we, as his siblings in the United Methodist denomination, call for some degree of accountability.

We write to you, Mr. Sessions’ pastors, copying his District Superintendents and Bishops, in the hopes that you will, as members of our connectional system, dig deeply into Mr. Sessions’ advocacy and actions that have led to harm against thousands of vulnerable humans. As members of the United Methodist Church, we deeply hope for a reconciling process that will help this long-­‐time member of our connection step back from his harmful actions and work to repair the damage he is currently causing to immigrants, particularly children and families.

Pursuant to Paragraph 2702.3 of the 2016 United Methodist Book of Discipline, we hereby charge Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, Attorney General of the United States, a professing member and/or active participant of Ashland Place United Methodist Church (Mobile, Alabama) and Clarendon United Methodist Church (Alexandria, Virginia), with the chargeable offenses of:

  • Child Abuse (examples: advocacy for and implementation of documented practices that indefinitely separate thousands of young children from their parents; holding thousands of children in mass incarceration facilities with little to no structured educational or socio-­‐emotional support)
  • Immorality (examples: the use of violence against children to deter immigration; advocating and supporting the separation of children from their families; refusal of refugee/asylee status to those fleeing gang or sexual violence; oppression of those seeking asylum or attempting to enter the United States with refugee status; directing employees and staff members to kidnap children from their parents)
  • Racial discrimination (examples: stopping investigations of police departments charged with racial discrimination; attempting to criminalize Black Lives Matter and other racial justice activist groups; targeting incarceration for those engaged in undocumented border crossings as well as those who present with requests for asylum, with a particular focus on those perceived as Muslim or LatinX)
  • Dissemination of doctrines contrary to the standards of doctrine of the United Methodist Church (examples: the misuse of Romans 13 to indicate the necessity of obedience to secular law, which is in stark contrast to Disciplinary commitments to supporting freedom of conscience and resistance to unjust laws)

While other individuals and areas of the federal government are implicated in each of these examples, Mr. Sessions -­‐ as a long-­‐term United Methodist in a tremendously powerful, public position -­‐ is particularly accountable to us, his church. He is ours, and we are his. As his denomination, we have an ethical obligation to speak boldly when one of our members is engaged in causing significant harm in matters contrary to the Discipline on the global stage. Several Bishops and other denominational leaders have spoken out about this matter, urging Methodists to contact Mr. Sessions and for these policies to change, but we believe that the severity of his actions and the harm he is causing to immigrants, migrants, refugees, and asylees calls for his church to step into a process to directly engage with him as a part of our community.

We look forward to entering into the just resolution process with Mr. Sessions as we seek to journey with him towards reconciliation and faithful living into the gospel.

In the community of Jesus, the Liberator and Redeemer,

  1. Dave Wright, Pacific Northwest Conference
  2. Re Kelly Dalhman-­‐Oeth, Pacific Northwest Conference
  3. Terri Stewart, Pacific Northwest Conference
  4. Elaine Marston, Pacific Northwest Conference
  5. Becca Brazell, Pacific Northwest Conference
  6. Stephen Tarr, Pacific Northwest Conference
  7. Re JoDene Romeijn-­‐Stout, Pacific Northwest Conference
  8. Paul Mitchell, Pacific Northwest Conference
  9. Katie Stickney, Pacific Northwest Conference
  10. Dr. Joanne Carlson Brown, Pacific Northwest Conference
  11. Re Nico Romeijn-­‐Stout, Pacific Northwest Conference
  12. Sharon Moe, Pacific Northwest Conference
  13. Eric Stone, Detroit Conference
  14. Celeste Blay, PNW Conference
  15. Hilary Marchbanks, Rio Texas Conference
  16. Adam Richards, North Texas Conference
  17. Jan Bolerjack, Pacific Northwest Conference
  18. Ryan Russel, Iowa Conference
  19. Kristin Hawes Joyner, Pacific Northwest Conference
  20. Lyda Pierce, Pacific Northwest Conference
  21. J. Cody Nielsen, Iowa Conference
  22. Dr. Israel I. Alvaran, Philippines Annual Conference
  23. Aaron Taylor Pazan, Pacific Northwest Conference
  24. Austin Adkinson, Pacific Northwest Conference
  25. Margo Gislain, Northern Illinois Conference
  26. Robyn Gislain, Northern Illinois Conference
  27. Nestor Santiago Gerente, California Pacific Conference
  28. Anna Voinovich, Northern Illinois Conference
  29. Jennifer Anne Weyenberg, California Pacific Conference
  1. Re Heather Riggs, Oregon-­‐Idaho and Pacific Northwest Conferences
  2. Richard Moman, conference not confirmed
  3. M Barclay, Northern Illinois Conference
  4. Olivia Wilhite, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
  5. Martha E. Vink, New York Conference
  6. Angelina Goldwell, Pacific Northwest Conference
  7. Ann Lantz, Mountain Sky Conference
  8. Kathy Hafley Symes, Great Plains Conference
  9. Deaconness Martha Lundgren, Desert Southwest Conference
  10. Barbara Babbitt, New Jersey Conference
  11. J. Mark Forester, Tennessee Conference
  12. Re Rachel Birkhahn-­‐Rommelfanger, Northern Illinois Conference
  13. Karen Damman, Pacific Northwest Conference
  14. William F. Todd, Oklahoma Conference
  15. Judith A. Gould, New England Conference
  16. Barb Muench, Great Plains Conference
  17. Dennis Magnuson, Pacific Northwest Conference
  18. Lynn Magnuson, Pacific Northwest Conference
  19. Lyn Pace, South Carolina Conference
  20. Gregory Cross, Northern Illinois Conference
  21. Lori Valentine De Segavoia, Virginia Conference
  22. Re Beth LaRocca-­‐Pitts, North Georgia Conference
  23. Araminta Lett, North Georgia Conference
  24. Tracy L. Cook, Upper New York Conference
  25. Allison Mark, California Pacific Conference
  26. Kaira Mark-­‐Schwiebert, child, California Pacific Conference
  27. Amara Mark-­‐Schwiebert, child, California Pacific Conference
  28. Alan Mark, California Pacific Conference
  29. Kristen Mark-­‐Vega, California Pacific Conference
  30. Cory Vega, California Pacific Conference
  31. Matix Vega, child, California Pacific Conference
  32. Keegan Vega, child, California Pacific Conference
  33. Chaysen Vega, child, California Pacific Conference
  34. McKenna Vega, child, California Pacific Conference
  35. Dottie Escobedo Frank, Desert Southwest Conference
  36. Erinn Norris, Upper New York Conference
  37. Gretchen Nelson, Pacific Northwest Conference
  38. Kristen Paradiso, Northern Illinois Conference
  39. Matt Seargeant, California Pacific Conference
  40. Amanda Nicol, Pacific Northwest Conference
  41. Renee Hayes, Western North Carolina Conference
  42. Joseph Ekstrand, conference not confirmed
  43. Anne Greiner, West Ohio Conference


  1. Sarah Comstock, Pacific Northwest Conference
  2. Beth Snyder, conference not confirmed
  3. Ann Wilson Mayer, Pacific Northwest Conference
  4. Steve Meyer, Pacific Northwest Conference
  5. Jill Adamore, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
  6. James H. Ritchie, Western Pennsylvania Conference
  7. Re Kimberly Montenegro, California-­‐Nevada Conference
  8. Burt Sarver, PNW Conference
  9. Ginger Sarver, PNW Conference
  10. Ben A. David Hensley, North Texas Conference
  11. Andrew Millman, Rocky Mountain Conference
  12. Eileen Yamada Lamphere, Pacific Northwest Conference
  13. Darin Arnston, California Pacific Conference
  14. Sharron Solami, Susquehanna Conference
  15. Dan Roth, Eastern Pennsylvania Conference
  16. Alisa Isaacs Bailey, Indiana Conference
  17. Jeffrey L. Staley, Pacific Northwest Conference
  18. Jennifer Gutierrez, California Pacific Conference
  19. Marylee Fithian, Minnesota Conference
  20. Michele Johns, California Pacific Conference
  21. Celeste Deveney, Pacific Northwest Conference
  22. Re Deena Wolf, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
  23. Paul Ortiz, Pacific Northwest Conference
  24. Curtis Bewley, Northern Illinois Conference
  25. Jill Sanders, Iowa Conference
  26. Peter Perry, Pacific Northwest Conference
  27. Kenneth K. Grenz, Great Plains Conference
100. Daniel Seth O’Kegley, Holston Conference
101. Patrick Scriven, Pacific Northwest Conference
102. Rachel Whitehurst, conference not confirmed
103. Rev. Anna Cho, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
104. Rev. Won Seok-­‐Yuh, California-­‐Pacific Conference
105. Rev. Kelly Schoenfelt, Rio Texas Conference
106. Colleen Mulhall-­‐Briski, California Pacific Conference
107. Rev. Roberta Jantzi-­‐Egli, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
108. Rev. Mary Ruth Davidson, North Georgia Conference
109. Susan Myers Hancock, California Pacific Conference
110. Kate Butler, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
111. Rev. Michele Campton-­‐Stehr, Pacific Northwest Conference
112. Andrea Ramberg, Minnesota Conference
113. Rev. Debbie Sperry, California-­‐Pacific Conference
114. Rev. Tom Nelson, Florida Conference
115. Rev. Beth Elders, Missouri Conference
116. Rev. Catie Coots, California Pacific Conference


117. Rev. Kathrynn Self Ransdell, North Texas Conference
118. Caelyn Wooldridge, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
119. Rev. Rona Dumagos Mangayayam, California Pacific Conference
120. Rev. Bob Klein, Desert Southwest Conference
121. Lanny R. Carlson, Iowa Conference
122. Roberta Bettis, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
123. Rev. Bryan Kilpatrick, Michigan Conference
124. Stephanie Henry, Pacific Northwest Conference
125. Rev. Karen Yokota Love, Pacific Northwest Conference
126. Rev. Mary Petrina Boyd, Pacific Northwest Conference
127. Patrick Oblander, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
128. Gary Barbaree, California Pacific Conference
129. Sandy Nicol, Pacific Northwest Conference
130. Melanie Hoeger, Pacific Northwest Conference
131. Rev. Diana Brown Taylor, Holston Conference
132. Melanie Proctor, California-­‐Nevada Conference
133. Martha Rudy, Northern Illinois Conference
134. Rev. Dylan Hyun, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
135. Rev. Dr. Katherine Paisley, Northern Illinois Conference
136. Rev. Linda Campbell Marshall, New England Conference
137. Wendy Hulse, Pacific Northwest Conference
138. Rev. Hillary Taylor, South Carolina Conference
139. Rev. Daniel H. Taylor Jr., Holston Conference
140. Rev. Gregory Rogers, Texas Conference
141. Rev. Myron McCoy, Northern Illinois Conference
142. Rev. Mark Davies, Oklahoma Conference
143. Rev. Megan A. Dean, Northern Illinois Conference
144. Hannah Shanks, Missouri Conference
145. Rev. Gregory Norton, California Pacific Conference
146. Rev. Karen Clark Ristine, California Pacific Conference
147. Sylvia Blades Cunningham, Pacific Northwest Conference
148. Sharon Strachan, California Nevada Conference
149. Rev. Erica Gara, California Nevada Conference
150. Rev. Marcia Hauer, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
151. Alyson Nicol, Pacific Northwest Conference
152. Deborah Gudger, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
153. Sarah Louie, California Nevada Conference
154. Rev. Vicki Walker, Florida Conference
155. Rev. Eric Stone, Michigan Conference
156. Dr. Anne Burkholder Daniel, Florida Conference
157. Rev. Karen Long-­‐Desmit, North Texas Conference
158. Rev. Elizabeth Guidotti, Northern Illinois Conference
159. Rev. Dana Carrol, Upper New York Conference
160. Patricia Bellingrath, Holston Conference


161. Megan Watson, Holston Conference
162. Rev. Chuck Powell, Holston Conference
163. Rev. Kenneth L. Faught, Holston Conference
164. Chrissy Faught, Holston Conference
165. Rev. Janie Toy Powell, Holston Conference
166. Rev. Dr. Colleen Windham-­‐Hughes, California Pacific Conference
167. Rev. Dr. Mike Green, North Texas Conference
168. Rev. Denyse Barnes, California Pacific Conference
169. Rev. Rick Malec, California Pacific Confernce
170. Rev. Dr. Pamela Lightsey, Northern Illinois Conference
171. Andrew Larson, Pacific Northwest Conference
172. Candace Larson, Pacific Northwest Conference
173. Teresa Stewart, Kansas Conference
174. Rev. Erin Martin, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
175. Michael Greene, North Texas Conference
176. Rev. Scott E. Manning, Michigan Conference
177. Rev. Debbie Gara, California Pacific Conference
178. Dave Oshirobot, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
179. Rev. Mary Dotson, Susquehanna Conference
180. Pam Painter Joyner, North Texas Conference
181. Rev. Sadie Stone, California Nevada Conference
182. Andrew Gladstone-­‐Highland, Michigan Conference
183. Rev. Adiel DePano, California Pacific Conference
184. Sara Cardinal, Michigan Conference
185. Brooke Nyhus, Pacific Northwest Conference
186. Tim Nyhus, Pacific Northwest Conference
187. Forrest Tufte, Pacific Northwest Conference
188. Rev. Amos Oladipo, Northern Illinois Conference
189. Rev. Brenda Sene, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
190. Rev. Susan Martin Taylor, North Georgia Conference
191. Rev. Elizabeth Braddon, New York Conference
192. Rev. Curtis D. King, Baltimore-­‐Washington Conference
193. Sue Magrath, Pacific Northwest Conference
194. Chris Early, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
195. Carlson Sawyer, Virginia Conference
196. Serena Sullivan, Pacific Northwest Conference
197. Rev. Steve McCoy, Michigan Conference
198. Mary Vergin, Pacific Northwest Conference
199. Rev. Robin Olson, Upper New York Conference
200. Megan Ernst Kilpatrick, Pacific Northwest Conference
201. Rev. Mark J. Meyers, Northern Illinois Conference
202. Taylor Gould, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
203. Lynne Pearson, Pacific Northwest Conference
204. Rev. Meredith Gudger-­‐Raines, PNW Conference


205. Rev. Katie Klosterman, Pacific Northwest Conference
206. Rev. Todd Scranton, Mountain Sky Conference
207. Rev. Gary Barbaree, California Pacific Conference
208. John Brooks, Northern Illinois Conference
209. Rev. Gwendolyn Drake, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
210. Rev. Daniel H. Taylor, Jr., Holston Conference
211. Rev. Gregory Norton, California Pacific Conference
212. Rev. Karen Clark Ristine, California Pacific Conference
213. Rev. Gary Bernard-­‐Williams, California Pacific Conference
214. Rev. Marcia Hauer, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
215. Norma Kehrberg, California Pacific Conference
216. Michael Green, Northern Illinois Conference
217. Debbie Mallis, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
218. Mary Gladstone, Michigan Conference
219. Rev. Charlotte Hendee, Baltimore/Washington Conference
220. Sharon Anway, Michigan Conference
221. Rev. Julia Humenik, Michigan Conference
222. Rev. Jenny Wilson, Oregon Idaho Conference
223. Rev. Karen Nelson, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
224. Rev. Rebecca Dunger Peak, Missouri Conference
225. Stephan Ross, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
226. Rev. Hope Bentley Hutchinson, Minnesota Conference
227. Rev. Amy Gearhart, Missouri Conference
228. Rev. Peggy L. Jeffries, Missouri Conference
229. Rev. Will Nichols, New York Conference
230. Rev. Dana Neuhauser, Minnesota Conference
231. Brad Neuhauser, Minnesota Conference
232. Jim Strathdee, California-­‐Nevada Conference
233. Jeanie Strathdee, California-­‐Nevada Conference
234. Rev. Karen Penhale, United Church of Canada
235. Rev. Nathan Jeffries, Illinois Great Rivers Conference
236. Rev. Nancy Nichols, Indiana Conference
237. Rev. D. Stephen Long, Indiana Conference
238. Rev. Mandy Sloan McDow, California-­‐Pacific Conference
239. Rev. Zach LaCrone, Illinois Great Rivers Conference
240. Diane Rodrigues, California-­‐Pacific Conference
241. Kelly Burd-­‐Huss, Texas Conference
242. Michael Collier, PNW Conference
243. Rev. Karen Blankewell, Missouri Conference
244. Christina Blank, Illinois Great Rivers Conference
245. Rev. Mark Thompson, Michigan Conference
246. Rev. David Tatgenhorst, Eastern Pennsylvania Conference
247. Rev. Rick McKinley, New England Conference
248. Rev. Timothy Kobler, Holston Conference


249. Rev. Emma Donohew, Pacific Northwest Conference
250. Rev. Polly Klimson, Northern Illinois Conference
251. Rev. Frank Wulf, California Pacific Conference
252. Susan Saylor Stouffer, California Pacific Conference
253. Deaconness Sharon McCart, California Pacific Conference
254. Dana Lede, Pacific Northwest Conference
255. Rev. Margaret K. Mallory, Michigan Conference
256. Lisa Palombi, California Pacific Conference
257. Rev. Linda Morgan Clark, Oklahoma Conference
258. Rev. Richard Bolin, California Pacific Conference
259. Rev. Jeremy Wicks, Michigan Conference
260. Toinette Wicks, Michigan Conference
261. Kassie Goforth, Pacific Northwest Conference
262. Andrew Perry, Pacific Northwest Conference
263. Rev. Brenna Lakeson, Western North Carolina Conference
264. Rev. Anna Blaedel, Iowa Conference
265. Tyler Schwaller, Iowa Conference
266. Rev. Weatherly Burkhead Verhelst, Michigan Conference
267. Rev. Don Saliers, North Georgia Conference
268. Rev. Dawn Baird, Rio-­‐Texas Conference
269. Lala Smith, Holston Conference
270. Rev. Lilly Villamin, California Pacific Conference
271. Joy Prim, California Pacific Conference
272. Rev. Ben Hadley Goggin, Virginia Conference
273. Rev. Tom Waller, Detroit Conference
274. Emilie Kroen, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
275. Rev. Melanie Stanley-­‐Souen, North Georgia Conference
276. Rev. Sarah K. Corum, Memphis Conference
277. Rev. Josh McClurkan, Memphis Conference
278. Rachel Meyers, Florida Conference
279. Rev. Angela Gilreath Rivers, North Georgia Conference
280. Tara Gnau, Michigan Conference
281. Rev. Anne Broyles, California Pacific Conference
282. Nancy Tam Davis, Pacific Northwest Conference
283. Rev. Kimberly Scott, Desert Southwest Conference
284. Cathy T. Albery, Michigan Conference
285. Christie Eden, Pacific Northwest Conference
286. Mark Morris, Rio Texas Conference
287. Rev. Kelly Harvell, New England Conference
288. Rev. Susan Oeffler, Wisconsin Conference
289. Shelby Ruch-­‐Teegarden, Tennessee Conference
290. Austin James Teegardin, Tennessee Conference
291. Rev. Dr. Emily B. Hall, New York Conference
292. Rev. Vince McGlothin-­‐Eller, Michigan Conference


293. Rev. Rich Burstall, Michigan Conference
294. Rev. Dr. Mary Jane O’Connor Ropp, New England Conference
295. Brian Kleber, Western Pennsylvania Conference
296. Dr. Tracy Zielinski, Florida Conference
297. Lauren Michelle Stevens, California-­‐Nevada Conference
298. Rev. Gail Thompson, North Georgia Conference
299. Rev. Karen Smith, North Georgia Conference
300. Rev. Jodi Cartwright, Michigan Conference
301. Joe Openshaw, Northern Alabama Conference
302. Bobby Prince, Northern Alabama Conference
303. Rev. Laura Young, West Ohio Conference
304. Rev. Hannah Adair Bonner, Eastern Pennsylvania Conference
305. Rev. Alice Rogers, North Georgia Conference
306. Tammy Jane, Pacific Northwest Conference
307. Rev. Kate Walker, Texas Conference
308. Dr. Trelawney J. Grenfell-­‐Moor, New England Conference
309. Rev. Paula Cripps-­‐Vallejo, Northern Illinois Conference
310. Rev. Benji Sayre, West Ohio Conference
311. Deb Holly, Holston Conference
312. Rev. Cindy Yanchury, Minnesota Conference
313. Rev. Joey Heath-­‐Mason, Baltimore-­‐Washington Conference
314. Susan Critchfield Herrmann, California Pacific Conference
315. Mariflorence Hudson, California-­‐Nevada Conference
316. Deaconness Cindy Davis Campbell, North Georgia Conference
317. Rev. Rebekah Gienapp, Memphis Conference
318. Rev. Rebecca Patterson, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
319. Elizabeth Critchfield, California-­‐Pacific Conference
320. Kevin Carnahan, Missouri Conference
321. Rev. Dr. Sharon Rhodes-­‐Wickett, California Pacific Conference
322. Rev. Stephanie Vader, Baltimore-­‐Washington Conference
323. Jennifer McLaughlin, Pacific Northwest Conference
324. Tia Hollowood, Alaska Missionary Conference
325. Rev. Janet Sweet Richardson, Holston Conference
326. Rob Herrmann, California Pacific Conference
327. Rev. Kathy Weigand, Wisconsin Conference
328. Zack McIntyre, West Ohio Conference
329. Marianne Aquino, conference not confirmed
330. Barbara Kutasz, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
331. Rev. Dr. Phyllis Tyler, California Pacific Conference
332. Rev. Robin Wells, California-­‐Nevada Conference
333. Rev. Will Meachum, Illinois Great Rivers Conference
334. Candie Odell Scherer, Northern Illinois Conference
335. Jeraldine Bjornson, United Church of Canada
336. Rev. Amanda Gayle Reed, West Virginia Conference


337. Tim Kelly, Pacific Northwest Conference
338. Rev. Melissa Yosua-­‐Davis, New England Conference
339. Rev. Helen Jin Kim, California-­‐Nevada Conference
340. Rev. Will Nichols, conference not confirmed
341. Rev. Christopher Gudger-­‐Raines, Pacific Northwest Conference
342. Rev. Melinda Holloway, Pacific Northwest Conference
343. Jennifer Warnick McDermott, California-­‐Nevada Conference
344. Aaron Shipman, Rocky Mountain Conference
345. Lara Gaston, Oklahoma Conference
346. Deaconness Laura Young, Texas Conference
347. Beth Ann Higgs, North Alabama Conference
348. Elissa Moise, Indiana Conference
349. Ellen Barber Walworth, Pacific Northwest Conference
350. Tom Walworth, Pacific Northwest Conference
351. Jennifer Fry, Michigan Conference
352. Nancy Cooper, Missouri Conference
353. Todd Cox, Holston Conference
354. Debra Mobley, California-­‐Pacific ConferenceL
355. Jackie Owen, Dakotas Conference
356. Margaret Schulze, California-­‐Nevada Conference
357. Alex Lee, North Carolina Conference
358. Rev. Walter Lockhart, Minnesota Conference
359. Rev. Dr. Thomas Robinson, Eastern Pennsylvania Conference
360. Megan Schlegel, Pacific Northwest Conference
361. Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker, Pacific Northwest Conference
362. John Paul Guyer, Jr., California Pacific Conference
363. Rev. Dr. Herb Snyder, Eastern Pennsylvania Conference
364. Ricka Long, Texas Conference
365. Rachel Labram, Michigan Conference
366. Lois Honeycutt, Missouri Conference
367. Elaine Foulkes, United Church of Canada
368. Linda Vietz, West Ohio Conference
369. Beverly Mick West Ohio Conference
370. Brent McMorris, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
371. Jenn Robinson-­‐O’Brien, Virginia Conference
372. Emmanuel Russo, Louisiana Conference
373. Ellen Alward, Michigan Conference
374. Lisbeth Ash, Alabama-­‐West Florida Conference
375. Sandy Arakawa Henry, Holston Conference
376. Amy Guyer, California-­‐Nevada Conference
377. Rev. David E. McDonald, East Ohio
378. Madison McRill, Holston Conference
379. Rev. Julia Webb-­‐Bowden, North Carolina Conference
380. Deaconness Kelly Tazuko Marciales, Alaska Missionary Conference


381. Rev. Pamela Osborne, Pacific Northwest Conference
382. Rev. William Gordon, Pacific Northwest Conference
383. Sandra White, Rio Texas Conference
384. Elisa Gatz, Northern Illinois Conference
385. K.T. Grace, North Georgia Conference
386. Erin Ferguson, Pacific Northwest Conference
387. Patricia Ferguson, Pacific Northwest Conference
388. Rev. Virginia Wheeler, California Pacific Conference
389. Mary Lynn, Pacific Northwest Conference
390. Rev. Devon Herrell, Michigan Conference
391. Rev. Barbara Nixon, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
392. Rev. Dr. Grace Cajiuat, Wisconsin Conference
393. Sean Bloom, Western North Carolina Conference
394. Rev. D. Stephen Long, Indiana Conference
395. Rev. Sandie Richards, California Pacific Conference
396. Ted Brosius, Pacific Northwest Conference
397. Rev. Michelle Ozier Wallace, North Alabama Conference
398. Rev. Lindsey Long Joyce, Northern Illinois Conference
399. Kellye Noret, Rio Texas Conference
400. Rev. Paul G. Donelson, Michigan Conference
401. Rev. Rosa Yeonshin Lee, Northern Illinois Conference
402. Rev. Paul Hyerncherl Lee, Northern Illinois Conference
403. Judy Coffee, Michigan Conference
404. Beryl Gilbert Dixon, North Georgia Conference
405. Rev. Michael Hart, Yellowstone Conference
406. Rosalee Mohney, Pacific Northwest Conference
407. Amy Jubie Shephard, Pacific Northwest Conference
408. Trisha Johnsen, Indiana Conference
409. Rev. Denise Mullaney, North Alabama Conference
410. Rev. Alyssa Baker, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
411. Cheryl Niehaus, Pacific Northwest Conference
412. Michael Niehaus, Pacific Northwest Conference
413. Sarah Moon, West Ohio Conference
414. Rev. Anna Ecklebarger Salas, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
415. Rev. Cathlynn Law, Pacific Northwest Conference
416. Rev. Jarell Wilson, Rio Texas Conference
417. Rev. Dr. Jeanne G. Knepper, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
418. Rev. Sarah Beck, Mountain Sky Conference
419. Charlotte Kiyan Thompson, Pacific Northwest Conference
420. Alexa Eisenbarth, Pacific Northwest Conference
421. Rev. Dr. Evelyn R. McDonald, New York Conference
422. Brittney Gilleland, Illinois Great Rivers Conference
423. Lindsay Sturtevant, Pacific Northwest Conference
424. Mindy Meyn, Alaska Missionary Conference


425. Rev. Katy Shedlock, Pacific Northwest Conference
426. Laurie Ladbury Beithan, Pacific Northwest Conference
427. Rev. Holly Reinhart-­‐Merean, California Pacific Conference
428. Rev. Tom Reinhart-­‐Merean, California Pacific Conference
429. Amory Peck, Pacific Northwest Conference
430. Sarah Hart Shafer, Desert Southwest Conference
431. John Angermayer, Mountain Sky Conference
432. Rev. Elizabeth Jones, New York Conference
433. Rev. Ardis Letey, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
434. Rev. Linda Richard, Illinois Great Rivers Conference
435. Paul Marston, Pacific Northwest Conference
436. Rev. D. Stephen Long, Indiana Conference
437. Rev. Stephan Ross, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
438. Donna Fisher, North Georgia Conference
439. Samuel Mudge, Upper New York Conference
440. Tamara J. Mucha, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
441. Lyn Rush, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
442. Tallessyn Grenfell-­‐Lee, New England Conference
443. Rev. Kathy Brockman, North Georgia Conference
444. Rev. Jeffrey Pugh, Virginia Conference
445. Jeff Wiley, Pacific Northwest Conference
446. Riva Tabelisma, Minnesota Conference
447. Carol May, Alaska Missionary Conference
448. Rev. Nancy Freitchen Gibson, East Ohio Conference
449. Rev. Rebecca Wieringa, Michigan Conference
450. Kristina Sinks, California-­‐Nevada Conference
451. Rev. Mary Kay Will, California Pacific Conference
452. Rev. Megan Stowe, New England Conference
453. Rev. Cynthia Good, New England Conference
454. Rev. Suzanne Wenonah Duchesne, Eastern Pennsylvania Conference
455. Rev. Ginger Gaines-­‐Cirelli, Baltimore-­‐Washington Conference
456. Lisa Coles, Florida Conference
457. Phaedra Chandler, Rio Texas Conference
458. Rev. Deanne Lowman, Upper New York Conference
459. Mona Bomgaars, California-­‐Pacific Conference
460. Rev. Jennifer Curran, New England Conference
461. Rev. Melvin Woodworth, Pacific Northwest Conference
462. Rev. Lisa Petty, Mountain Sky Conference
463. Lisa Blum, Pacific Northwest Conference
464. Rev. Allen Ewing-­‐Merrill, New England Conference
465. Leroy Stulce, Desert Southwest Conference
466. Rev. Matthew Johnson, North Georgia Conference
467. Deaconness Amy Reimer, Northern Illinois Conference
468. Rev. Molly Moore, Missouri Conference


469. Rev. Sara Ewing-­‐Merrill, New England Conference
470. Rev. Nick Nicholas, Northern Illinois Conference
471. Rev. Amy Beth Coleman, Virginia Conference
472. Rev. Justin Hildebrandt, New England Conference
473. Paula James, North Carolina Conference
474. Corrine Travis, Pacific Northwest Conference
475. Rev. Dr. Sam Persons Parkes, Alabama-­‐West Florida Conference
476. Rev. Kyle Gould, East Ohio Conference
477. Rev. Dr. Emily Peck-­‐McClain, New York Conference
478. Zoe Peck-­‐McClain, child, New York Conference
479. Rev. Mary Rawlinson, Northern Illinois Conference
480. Kristy Besada, New England Conference
481. Rev. Dr. Brett Webb-­‐Mitchell, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
482. Rev. Lara Bolger, Pacific Northwest Conference
483. Ron Bruce, California Pacific Conference
484. Bonnie Bruce, California Pacific Conference
485. Austin Wall, Tennessee Conference
486. Kay Guy, California Pacific Conference
487. Jessica Seargeant, California Pacific Conference
488. Abigail Durden, North Texas Conference
489. Maia Adolph, Pacific Northwest Conference
490. Mark Adolph, Pacific Northwest Conference
491. Stephanie Henry, Pacific Northwest Conference
492. Brian Henry, Pacific Northwest Conference
493. Patricia Anderson, conference not documented
494. Mary Kooistra, Pacific Northwest Conference
495. Rev. Richenda Fairhurst, Pacific Northwest and Oregon Idaho Conferences
496. Rev. Taylor Driskill Pafford, North Georgia Conference
497. Claire Asbury Lennox, North Georgia Conference
498. Hannah Wynn, Pacific Northwest Conference
499. Jan Nelson, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
500. Emily Adams, West Ohio Conference
501. Rev. Doris K. Dalton, New York Conference
502. Rev. Melissa Hinnen, New York Conference
503. Rev. Michelle Estelle Lewis, New York Conference
504. Rev. Wesley Palmer, New England Conference
505. Paula Ewing Kling, Pacific Northwest Conference
506. Rev. Lydia Munoz, Eastern Pennsylvania Conference
507. Rev. James McIntire, Eastern Pennsyvlania Conference
508. Brinna Kolitz, New York Conference
509. Rev. Douglas P. Cunningham, New York Conference
510. Rev. J. Michael Cobb, New York Conference
511. Rev. Susan Chupungco, New York Conference
512. Rev. Joy Rikard Brown, North Georgia Conference


513. Julia A. Arms Meeks, North Georgia Conference
514. Anna Kelly-­‐Leary, North Georgia Conference
515. Rev. Dr. K Karpen, New York Conference
516. Rev. Dr. Benny Custodio, New York Conference
517. Melissa Iutzi Calvillo, Great Plains Conference
518. Rev. Kathy Cheney Egan, Northern Illinois Conference
519. Deb Robine, Iowa Conference
520. Sean Crews, Oklahoma Conference
521. Rev. Jordan Shaw, New England Conference
522. Beth Bond, North Georgia Conference
523. Rev. Kathleen Wilder, Missouri Conference
524. Rev. Dr. Hope N. Luckie, New England Conference
525. Rev. Carlos Uroza, Tennessee Conference
526. Margaret Ann Hall, North Carolina Conference
527. Doug Palmer, Mountain Sky Conference
528. Rev. Eric Conklin, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
529. Julia Frisbie, Pacific Northwest Conference
530. Karen Podett, North Georgia Conference
531. Rev. Clinton W. Spence, North Carolina Conference
532. Walter Wood, North Texas Conference
533. Randall Cathcart Jr., New England Conference
534. Rev. Carolyn Carnes, Illinois Great Rivers Conference
535. Michelle Okabayashi, New York Conference
536. Whitney Forck, Pacific Northwest Conference
537. Janet Allen Oak, Virginia Conference
538. Anna Boyd, Pacific Northwest Conference
539. V. Leanne Frank, North Georgia Conference
540. John Regier, New England Conference
541. Rex Burruss, North Georgia Conference
542. Rev. Pat Watkins, Virginia Conference
543. Rev. Bob Ward, Pacific Northwest Conference
544. Gail Dahl, Alaska Missionary Conference
545. Rev. Kathleen A. Herington, West Ohio Conference
546. Christine Ewing, New England Conference
547. Rev. Annie Baker-­‐Streevy, New England Conference
548. Rev. John Baker-­‐Streevy, New England Conference
549. Rev. Daryl Blanksma, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
550. Rev. Matt Willis-­‐Goode, New England Conference
551. Rev. Juli Reinholz, Pacific Northwest Conference
552. Rev. Paul J. Mallory, Michigan Conference
553. Bethany Sullivan, New England Conference
554. Rev. Freddrick Long, Holston Conference
555. Rev. Judith Anna, Holston Conference
556. Teri Tobey, Pacific Northwest Conference


557. Rev. Dr. Earl Guy, California Pacific Conference
558. Rev. April Casperson, West Ohio Conference
559. Rev. Kendra Behn-­‐Smith, Pacific Northwest Conference
560. Shaylyn Johanson, Pacific Northwest Conference
561. Rev. Joanne Miles, Eastern Pennsylvania Conference
562. Rev. Alex da Silva Souto, New York Conference
563. Marie Kuch-­‐Stanovsky, Pacific Northwest Conference
564. Rev. Karina Feliz, New York Conference
565. Rev. Dan Lebo, Eastern Pennsylvania Conference
566. Rev. Jimmy Moor, North Georgia Conference
567. Rev. Joseph D. Kim, Pacific Northwest Conference
568. Rev. Dr. Jessica L. Anschutz, New York Conference
569. Rev. Billy Kurtz, Holston Conference
570. Dani Levine, New York Conference
571. Ellen Johanson, Pacific Northwest Conference
572. Rev. Clarissa Fuentes, Western North Carolina Conference
573. Amanda Yarbrough, North Texas Conference
574. Vivian R Rogers, Virginia Conference
575. Rev. Katherine Mitchell, New England Conference
576. Erich Deptolla, Northern Illinois Conference
577. Lauren Elizabeth Summerville, Texas Conference
578. Jeanne Wallace, North Georgia Conference
579. Rev. Thomas Boller, Mountain Sky Conference
580. Liz Larson-­‐Shidler, Detroit Conference
581. Rev. Paula Champion Jones, North Alabama Conference
582. Rev. Hannah Hooks, AME Clergy, 10th Episcopal District
583. BJ Eldred, Alaska Missionary Conference
584. Nancy Graves-­‐Cronin, Minnesota Conference
585. Karyn Talbot-­‐Russ, East Ohio Conference
586. Peggy R. Gaylord, Upper New York Conference
587. Dina Wilson, Rio Texas Conference
588. Donna Blanton, North Georgia Conference
589. Cherie Boeneman, Michigan Conference
590. Susan Knight, North Carolina Conference
591. Suzanne Stampley, Tennessee Conference
592. Shirley Durr, Minnesota Conference
593. Mary Petersson, Minnesota Conference
594. Cheryl Stratton, New England Conference
595. Brenda Romero, Louisiana Conference
596. Frances Barrett, Tennessee Conference
597. Connie Miller, West Ohio Conference
598. Mike Cate, Central Texas Conference
599. Jason Metcalf Lindberger, Pacific Northwest Conference
600. Terry Munson, Pacific Northwest Conference


  601. Megan Munson, Pacific Northwest Conference
602. Shelly Jones Hogan, Pacific Northwest Conference
603. Patty Stunkard Anderson, Pacific Northwest Conference
604. Carla Corsilles-­‐Roque, Pacific Northwest Conference
605. Dorothy Metcalf-­‐Lindenburger, Pacific Northwest Conference
606. Gretchen Holtz, Pacific Northwest Conference
607. Jenny Miller, Pacific Northwest Conference
608. Rowena Lopez, Pacific Northwest Conference
609. Jonathon Tong, Pacific Northwest Conference
610. Tara Ray, Pacific Northwest Conference
611. Elizabeth Valbuena, Pacific Northwest Conference
612. Princess Yalung, Pacific Northwest Conference
613. Amy Bjorn, Pacific Northwest Conference
614. James Toycen, Pacific Northwest Conference
615. Marin Miller Bam, Pacific Northwest Conference
616. Matthew Munson, Pacific Northwest Conference
617. Stephanie J. Deckard Henry, Pacific Northwest Conference
618. Bridget Dahlman-­‐Oeth, Pacific Northwest Conference
619. Gina del Rosario-­‐Martin, Pacific Northwest Conference
620. Erin Dahlman-­‐Oeth, Pacific Northwest Conference
621. Bill Peregrine, Pacific Northwest Conference
622. Kevin Osborne, Pacific Northwest Conference
623. Rev. Karen Martin, Illinois Great Rivers Conference
624. Belinda White Crisman, North Georgia Conference
625. Tim Boone, North Georgia Conference
626. Joy Parmelee Wilcox, Susquehanna Conference
627. Kate Stull, Missouri Conference
628. Cindy Wood, North Texas Conference
629. Claire Wood, Central Texas Conference
630. Rev. Ron Matthews, Holston Conference
631. Kassie May, Pacific Northwest Conference
632. Murray J Bickel, Western Pennsylvania Conference
633. Barbara McIntosh, North Texas Conference
634. Rev. Clayton Peak, Missouri Conference
635. Rev. Brenda S. Wills, Oregon-­‐Idaho Conference
636. Rev. John Robert Elford, Rio Texas Conference
637. Kimberly Glass, North Alabama Conference
638. Jamie Glass, North Alabama Conference
639. Alberta Coulter, North Alabama Conference






•      Bishop

Paula Crosby, North Alabama Conference



David W. Graves, Alabama-­‐West Florida Conference


  • Re Debora K Bishop, District Superintendent, Mobile District, Alabama-­‐West Florida Conference
  • Bishop Sharma Lewis, Virginia Conference
  • Catherine G. Abbot, District Superintendent, Arlington District, Virginia Conference


***A Note on the list of names, titles, and conferences: This complaint grew very quickly, and the authors have done their best to prevent any duplication of names, and to indicate those with clergy standing with the honorific “Rev” before their name. We recognize that there are several who are in pastoral capacities who might not use or have that title, and so for any inconsistency on that matter, we apologize. All such errors are wholly those of Rev. Dave Wright, the primary editor of this complaint.