Family Separations: Nothing Exceeds Like Excess

immigrant kid

In an earlier post, I spoke of my uncle, who thought that if the recommended dose of the once highly advertised iron supplement Geritol would do him some good, then a whole lot more would do him a whole lot more good.

Likewise, some think that if a little inhumanity to asylum seekers will be good for you politically, then full-blown thuggery must be just what the doctor ordered.

Both conclusions are wrong.

Pence gave a speech to the Southern Baptists, who promptly voted to condemn the family separation policy.  Oh, and the Pence speech really pissed them off, too.

And then there’s this:

Franklin Graham criticizes Trump policy of separating families at border

And this:

Cardinal O’Malley criticizes Trump immigration policies, says family separation ‘terrorizes’ children