Waiting for Godot (R-Red State)


Some of the articles referenced in the immediately preceding post express the familiar hope that Republican politicians will check Trump’s worst instincts.

Permit me to state two propositions. One of these propositions is false. The truth of the other will become manifest in due course.

Proposition One: Republican politicians will repudiate Trump and save the Republic.

Proposition Two: Trump’s deplorable base will at some point grow weary of his act.

Proposition One is UNTRUE. That is because Republican politicians holding seats in Congress are people who, acting out of a concupiscent desire to gain wealth by pleasing the plutocrats, have placed themselves in front of a mob of bigots. This is not something that people of high moral character are willing to do. If, by some chance, a person of high moral character manages to slip through the cracks, she or he is quickly chewed up and spit out.

Having no moral character, these people will exhibit no moral character. It cannot happen, and therefore it will not happen.

By contrast, the truth of Proposition Two will become manifest in due course. Trump’s core supporters are breathtakingly gullible. Some people think there is no limit to their gullibility. But that assumption does not comport with what I know of human nature.

Trump sold them the lie of birtherism, because it was a lie they wanted to believe. When they lose their jobs and their health care because of the lies he is telling, that will be a different matter.

Having gained high office by unmitigated mendacity, Trump could, in theory, have changed his tactics and tried to govern in a semi-coherent, semi-intelligent fashion. But that he did not have in him. All he knows how to do is tell ever wilder lies–falsehoods whose untruth is evident to those of even the meanest intelligence.

Like the rest of us, Trump’s character is his destiny. His destiny is not good.

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