Thanks to Hans for sharing this from Handelsblatt Global on Germans’ reaction to Trump’s Ambassador Dickwad:

Trump ambassador slammed as ‘regime change envoy’ by angry Germans

Donald Trump’s envoy to Germany blurred the lines between politics and diplomacy by saying he hopes to “empower” conservatives across Europe. For Germans it smacked of advocating regime change. …

[L]ess than one month into the job, the latest comment has even prompted the first calls for Mr. Grenell’s resignation: “If this is how it was [said], then this man should leave the country,” tweeted Johannes Kahrs, a parliamentarian from the Social Democrats. His former party leader Martin Schulz was more colorful, likening the US ambassador to a “far-right colonial officer.” …

Like most political interventions by outsiders, the comments have also rallied Angela Merkel’s opponents to her side. Sevim Dagdelen of the opposition left party “Die Linke” slammed Mr. Grenell for outing himself as Trump’s “regime change envoy.”

In other words, calls for an “awakening” of conservatives could well have the opposite effect. That’s a lesson even Mr. Trump’s predecessor might agree with. After all, remember what happened when Barack Obama urged Britons not to vote for Brexit?