Morning Reads


Mongoose Predicted to Win

Thomas Wright, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo Are Headed for a Clash. A long and insightful piece about a rivalry between a smart nutjob loner making a last effort to implement his ideological vision and a smart, ambitious, unprincipled, pragmatic Machiavellian schemer.

Mr. Wright predicts an epic battle, opines about who should win, and predicts which one will win. In his telling—but my analogy—it’s like predicting whether the cobra or the mongoose will win the fight. Hint: the prediction has something to do with immunity to venom.

Sixty Shades of Schneiderman

Alyssa Rosenberg, Eric Schneiderman seems to think he’s Christian Grey. He’s wrong. Explains why Eric really should have paid closer attention to the nuances of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Dog Bites Man, Man Bites Back Really Hard

Jonathan Chait, Trump Legal-Defense Prep Foiled by Trump’s Inability to Concentrate. Preparing witnesses to testify is a role playing exercise commonly called “horseshedding the witness.” It’s important to pronounce that word very carefully.

Trump’s lawyers wrote down 49 questions they thought Mueller was likely to ask. Then they took Trump to the horse shed for four hours and tried to walk him through the best way to answer the 49 questions.  They got through two of the questions. Dog bites man.

Then someone who was in the room told some journalists about what had just happened. Man Bites Large and Vicious Dog.

Lawyers are not supposed to leak stories that make their client look like an idiot. Most especially when the client actually is an idiot.

And There’s No Need to Bother Reading about This

Firm Tied to Russian Oligarch Made Payments to Michael Cohen. Not to mention the multinational companies that bribed Trump by funneling money through Cohen.