Our Worst Nightmare


The last two years have been a learning experience. Let me highlight three surprising things we have learned–and draw a sobering conclusion.

  1. We have learned that about a third of our population—maybe a few more, possibly a few less, but somewhere in the neighborhood of a third—are prepared to embrace dictatorship as a means to enforce their agenda of racism and cultural reaction. (We can debate what led us to this pass, but I believe the statement made in the preceding sentence cannot be refuted.)
  2. We have learned that a significant portion of the plutocracy are willing to align themselves with the pitchfork wielding peasants, provided their plutocratic economic agenda can be advanced.
  3. We have learned that Donald Trump is an incompetent buffoon who surrounds himself with incompetent buffoons and cannot effectively implement his authoritarian agenda, any more than he can find his ass with both hands.

Two years ago, we did not know any of those things. But we know them now.

And so, I ask rhetorically, what should be our largest concern and our biggest fear?

The answer is that what we ought to fear is the potential emergence of a really bad but really competent would-be dictator, someone who can run in front of the peasants and competently lead them to do some real damage.

I don’t know who that will be. But I know who it will not be. It will not be Mike Pence, because Mike Pence is an empty suit.

But some Napoleon on horseback will surely step up.