Turning and Turning in the Widening Gyre

  1. Celebrating the National Day of Prayer, the Republican National Committee tweets that we should all thank Trump for his commitment to religious freedom.


  1. Trump’s Stormy payment claim, paraphrased: Trump “agreed to pay his lawyer $35,000 per month without having any clear idea of what that money was going for.”

  2. Trump receives the Father of Lies in the oval office.

Father of Lies

  1. Sarah Huckabee Sanders basically just blamed Trump for misleading her.

  1. The plutocratic part of the plutocrat-racist alliance shows big signs of pulling out: Is the Trump-Fox News-Wall Street Journal Unholy Alliance Starting to Crack Under the President’s Lies?

It’s not that he’s a liar, it’s that he’s a very incompetent liar. President Pence, anyone?

Pence for President