About that Whizbang New Lawyer, Emmet Flood, Esq.


If and when Mr. Flood shows up at the White House—with, in my view, emphasis of if rather than when—he, like the soon-to-be-retired Ty Cobb, Esquire, will be working for “the presidency,” rather than the The Donald in a personal capacity.

One understands the distinction, in a sort of vague and general way, but I would think it might be rather problematic to apply in practice. That said, surely it would not be the function of a lawyer for “the presidency” to defend pre-election hush money payments to prostitutes.

If I’m right so far, Rudy Giuliani will continue to be the ringmaster at the Stormy Daniels circus. Or that role will fall to whatever idiot Trump can get to replace Rudy, day after tomorrow.

So get out the popcorn.