Trump Hires Real Lawyer, Maybe

dat money

Emmet T. Flood, Esq., is exactly the sort of person that a president in deep doodoo hires to help him escape from the shithole.

He is the sort of lawyer a bullshitter might hire when all of his bullshit proves unavailing, and he resolves to buckle down and get serious about defending himself.

I was surprised to learn an hour or so ago that Trump has decided to retain Mr. Flood, and that Mr. Flood has agreed to be retained.

But we will see what we will see. A reliable source reports,

Mr. Flood’s hiring has not been made final, the people cautioned, noting Mr. Trump’s practice of reneging on personnel decisions after they are reported in the press.

It was not clear what prompted Mr. Flood to sign on. ,,,

No, itwasn’t.