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hush money

Michael Kranish, Tom Hamburger, and Rosalind S. Heiderman, Michael Cohen, once at pinnacle of Trump’s world, now poses threat to it

It’s a detailed account of the career of Michael Cohen, the most famous alumnus of the country’s worst law school. I won’t try to summarize; you can read for yourself, if so inclined. But, to me, the most interesting observation is this: “In the view of several Cohen associates, the Daniels payment was an ill-conceived Cohen effort to curry Trump’s favor at a time when the lawyer’s rivals were shutting him out.”

Fits the known facts pretty well, I think, particularly the detailed account laid out in the article.

And pretty much the sort of harebrained stunt you would expect from a graduate of the worst law school in the country.

Don’t forget that the hush money purported contract recites that Trump is waiving any claims he might have against Stormy, which Trump bloody well could not do if he knew nothing about the alleged agreement. Which makes the transaction fraudulent. And probably involved some fair amount of mail fraud and wire fraud.