The Madness of King Donald


I know you’re tired of it. I’m tired of it. But the crazy guy is still flying the airplane, and he’s getting crazier.

An airing of grievances: Trump spends days issuing a torrent of complaints against foes:

Trump’s venting in recent days has seemed excessive, even for him. His grievances have come in torrents, littered with inaccuracies he continues to state as facts. The pattern continued Wednesday morning, as he tweeted about the trade fight with China and “very weak” border security laws. …

He kept going Monday morning, as he tweeted about the Postal Service rates paid by Amazon …  and about his own “Department of ‘Justice.’” Minutes later, at the White House Easter Egg Roll, Trump stood between his stoic wife and a bespectacled Easter Bunny — whose face was frozen in an open-mouthed stare — and bragged to a crowd of children about increasing military spending to $700 billion, one of the few bright points for him in the Republican spending bill. …

Trump repeated many of those same points Tuesday afternoon as [the presidents of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania] waited for him to finish so they could eat lunch.

He mentioned the “caravan” 10 times, called NAFTA “a cash cow” for Mexico and took swipes at both Obama and “crooked Hillary Clinton.” He announced that he plans to send members of the military to the southern border, an apparent surprise to many Pentagon officials. It took the White House six hours to compose an explanation and announce that the administration plans to mobilize the National Guard. …

Trump instructed one of his guests, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite, to praise him on camera, just as he said she had done privately in the Oval Office. She obliged, saying changes to NATO would not be possible without the United States and that its “vital voice and vital leadership” are important.

Trump pressed her: “And has Donald Trump made a difference on NATO?”

Those in the room laughed, as she confirmed he has made a difference. As she continued to speak, Trump cut her off.

“And, again, NATO has taken in billions of dollars more because of me, because I said, ‘You’re delinquent, you’re not paying,’ to many of the countries,” Trump said. “Is that right? Many of the countries weren’t paying.”

He later continued: “Because of me . . . many billions of dollars more than they would have had if you had crooked Hillary Clinton as president. Okay? That I can tell you.”

A reporter asked if Trump considers Putin “a friend or a foe,” and Trump responded: “We’ll find out. I’ll let you know. . . . We’ll see what happens.”

For a fifth time, White House staffers tried to end this impromptu news conference, but then the president responded to a question about the Baltic states. They tried a sixth time, but the president could not resist another query: “Is it Amazon or The Washington Post, sir? What’s Amazon done that bugs you, sir?”

On the seventh try, reporters began to inch out of the room — and Trump responded to a final question about Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, who is accused of bypassing the White House to give his aides massive raises, among other irregularities.

“I hope he’s going to be great,” Trump said, even though his aides have said Pruitt’s job is in jeopardy.

“Time to go, guys,” a White House staffer said, finally herding the reporters out of the room. Another coaxed: “Please move along. Please move along. Please move along now.”

“Thank you, everybody,” Trump shouted after them. “Thank you.”