“This here could be a real negative.”


It has become tedious to write about how Trump lies more often than he goes to the bathroom or about his increasing mental instability. At this point, the far more interesting question is what will cause his supporters’ madness to break. And break, it will. Because great power combined with great irrationality leads to great policy fuckups. And great policy fuckups lead to great injury.

It could be the trade war that is just getting started. This from AP, via Greg Sargent:

The Associated Press talks to voters in Sioux County, Iowa (80 percent of which went for Trump) about Trump’s tariffs on China, and finds widespread worry about a trade war:

After standing with Trump through the many trials of his first year, some Sioux County Trump voters say they would be willing to walk away from the president if the fallout from the tariffs causes a lasting downturn in the farm economy. “I wouldn’t sit here today and say I will definitely support him again,” said 60-year-old hog farmer Marv Van Den Top. “This here could be a real negative for him.”

For Ann Coulter—and, according to her, lots of other likeminded wingnuts—it’s the failure to build the Wall. Speaking metaphorically about the wall, she recently observed, “Stormy says she and Trump had sex only once. I guess if you want the guy to screw you repeatedly you have to be one of his voters.”

And don’t forget the swamp.

Obviously, it won’t be the authoritarianism. Because they really, really want to live in a banana republic. banana republic