Still Gonna Be Dershowitz


It was splitsville with John Dowd on Thursday. DiGenova, he of Faux News bloviation, was going to take over.

Sunday, no more diGenova. Out of the Fox News frying pan, into the fire, was a bridge too far.

Maybe Ted Olson, Republican lawyer extraordinaire, of the disginguished firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, would sign on. Gibson Dunn’s web site boats of 127 years of excellence. Their management committee didn’t want to mess it up now.

No nope, said Ted Olson, fastidiously holding his nose.

Who’s next? A logical choice was Dan Webb, known in some circles as the best business litigator in the whole of these Newnited States. Dan hangs his shingle at a powerhouse called Winston & Strawn (where, BTW, some of Aardvark’s former partners have taken refuge).

When asked about the possibility of representing Trump, Winston’s management committee responded by inquiring whether the pope shits in the woods.

Tonight we learn that Mr. Webb has, with the deepest of regret, graciously declined the great privilege and high honor of representing the President.

It’s still gonna be Dershowitz. Doesn’t report to a management committee. In love with the sound of his own voice. Thinks he can win any argument. Any argument. Claims to be a liberal, but loves pissing them off. Really, really enjoys representing famous criminals.