Please Forgive Me, Congressman Costello, I Have Let You Down Badly


Rep. Costello won’t run for reelection in Pennsylvania:

Republican Rep. Ryan Costello won’t seek reelection this fall, a blow to Republicans seeking to hold his redrawn, suburban Philadelphia district.

In an interview on Sunday with the Daily Local News of West Chester (Pa.), Costello blamed the “political environment” for abandoning his reelection bid, including the conduct of President Donald Trump.

“Whether it’s Stormy Daniels, or passing an omnibus spending bill that the president threatens to veto after promising to sign [it], it’s very difficult to move forward in a constructive way today,” Costello told the paper.

Costello also had blame for “the left” for contributing “a lot of hate” and fostering a toxic political environment.

I must examine my conscience. Is Aardvark one of those fostering a toxic political environment? How can I look at myself in the mirror?