The Rancidness of Contemporary Evangelicalism

Aardvark’s posse have been exchanging email all weekend about the awfulness of some of the recent Facebook postings of our classmates from our Red State High School days back in the 1960s.

The conversation is enriched and given perspective by a long piece by Michael Gerson, himself an evangelical. You need to read it for yourself, and I won’t try to provide a fair summary. But a lot of the problem has to do with some bad choices evangelicals made at crucial points in history—like demanding that their adherent reject belief in evolution. Or making a huge deal out of Supreme Court decisions on prayer in the schools. Or—unlike the Catholics—never developing a coherent theory about what religions requires by way of social action. Or the fact that many of their leaders have sold their souls to Donald Trump.

After reading Gerson, I have a better sense of what happened—including what has probably happened to some of the increasingly crazy folks among my former high school classmates.

I still lack a compelling answer to why it happened.