Happy Acres Progressives Prepare for Action, Republican Politicos Punt


From this morning’s email blast here at Happy Acres:

If Mueller is fired before 2 pm, there will be a rally from 5-8 pm at the … Federal Courthouse the same day.  If Mueller is fired after 2pm, the rally will be from 5-8 pm the day following the firing, also at the … Federal Courthouse.

This following Trump’s clear signal of his intentions and a weekend where “most Republicans failed to seize this occasion to send a clear signal that any effort to remove Mueller will be met with serious consequences.

Meanwhile, Politico tells us: Republicans bet their Senate majority on Trump: Candidates in the most competitive races insist they’ll welcome the president to their states with open arms, despite his unpopularity nationally.

But the moment of choice is almost upon us: Banana Republican or Former Republican? Some will go one way. Some will go the other. I’ll bet a lot of them just pack up, go home, and retire into that obscurity which they so richly merit.