Que Será

Que será, será, whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see.

Except when we can, at least for some of the road ahead.

Here is what will happen.

  1. As surely as God made little green apples, Trump is going to fire Mueller. (Read Jonathan Chait. Likewise Politico.)

Things two and three will then happen simultaneously.

  1. Mueller and his allies in federal and state law enforcement will trigger disclosure of facts proving that, for the last three decades, the Trump Organization has been a criminal enterprise financed by Russian money. (Because after Trump’s earlier bankruptcies, he could not borrow from legitimate sources.)
  2. About a quarter of the country, along with many Republican politicians, the Republican National Committee, Fox News, and some of the crazier plutocrats will devolve into full Banana Republican mode. For them, the Dear Leader’s word will be law. Dissent will not be tolerated.
  3. Every mother’s son and daughter with any affiliation with the Republican Party will be forced to choose: either you are a Banana Republican, or you are a Former Republican.

Many non-Banana Republicans will not want to run again in 2018. If they do choose to run, they very likely will not secure nomination or re-nomination. If, by some chance, they are nominated, they will probably be shitcanned in the fall election. See Alabama. See Pennsylvania 18.

  1. Our plutocrats are, by and large, greedy and amoral, but they are not stupid. (How do you think they became plutocrats?) Investing more resources in a failing enterprise is not smart. The Banana Republican party will be a failing enterprise. It has a lot of supporters, and their support will grow more fierce over the next few months. But it does not have enough voters to win Alabama. It does not have enough voters to win gerrymandered R + 11 Pennsylvania 18. And money won’t buy enough votes to change that. So, hasta la vista, Banana Republican Party.
  2. If elections are held in 2018, the Banana Republican base—still gloating over their 2016 triumph—will be left virtually without political representation. There will be violence. We just don’t know how much.
  3. At some point, either before or after November, 2018—my guess is before—Trump will try to stage something in the nature of a coup. He will fail disastrously, because he lacks the discipline to stage a kindergarten Christmas party.
  4. Our enemies—Russia, Iran, North Korea, maybe China—are already plotting what tricks they will get up to, just at the opportune moment. Estonia would do well to make sure there are troops on the border.

Think all this is exaggerated?

Come back in six months.

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