The Cult of Personality: And That’s All Xi Wrote

The previous post caused me to think that China must have produced some songs about President Xi. Research disclosed this singable ditty.

A translation appears below. (No I didn’t do it myself, I got it off the internet.)

The first line—“China [has] produced an Uncle Xi”—will immediately remind all Chinese of the opening lines of that classic solumn Chinese Communist hymn, “The East is Red.” The lines of that song go, “The east is red. The sun is shining. China has produced a Mao Zedong.” (See video at end of post.)

I strongly suspect “He dares to fight the tigers” has some metaphorical resonance, but I don’t know what it is.

The next line—“Not afraid of heaven, not afraid of earth” or “He doesn’t fear heaven, he doesn’t fear earth”—reminds me of a classic Chinese saying: “Don’t fear heaven, don’t fear earth, just be afraid of foreign devils speaking Chinese.”

I expect you will have figured out that “Xi Dada” is Daddy Xi, and “Peng Mama” is Mama Peng. (All babies speak the same language at birth.)

And finally, I’ll just say this: the man does know how to do a cheerful, fun-filled cult of personality.

Too bad for Trump that Trump doesn’t know how to do that. And how fortunate for us that Trump lacks the skill to unite a large majority in singing his praises.

Translation follows.

China produced an Uncle Xi, He dares to fight the tigers.

Not afraid of heaven, not afraid of earth,
Dreamers all look to him!

China also has a Peng Mama,
Give her the most beautiful flowers.

Protect and bless her,
Flourishing family, flourishing country, flourishing under heaven!

Xi Dada loves Peng Mama,
This sort of love is legendary,

Peng Mama loves Xi Dada,
The realm with love is the strongest!

Men should study Xi Dada,
Women should study Peng Mama,

Love like they do,
Love can warm everyone!

Men should study Xi Dada,
Women should study Peng Mama,

Love like they do,
People with love can win everything!

Brave love is called Xi Dada loves Peng Mama,
Together, he’s always smiling happily at her.

Brave love is called Peng Mama loves Xi Dada,
Hand in hand, her smile is the most beautiful flower.

And now, for a blast from the past, “The East is Red.”